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Elizabeth Banks as Elizabeth Banks
Melissa McCarthy as Saleswoman
Zachary Levi as Bellman
Amy Schumer as Teammate #2

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Reviewed by giantpanther 5 / 10

Almost Good.... but ultimately too annoying

This show has a seinfeldian feel to it, you can tell Larry David strongly influenced the George character in Seinfeld (it was based on him). This show is sort of like what Seinfeld would be, if you took out Jerry Seinfeld and made George a successful guy living in LA. Its funny but you need the straight guy like Jerry, the one who remains the neutral spectator that the audience can identify with.

This show would work better if Larry David's character had an equally influential counterpart. There is a certain formula that you can count on, Larry David is going about his day, he runs into something annoying that most people would ignore and instead he blows up about it, ruining his day and everyone else's around him.

David contributed some great stuff to the show Seinfeld, but hes got no one to hold him back here and the show gets sort of out of control. I could see how as a comedian this guy would probably be pretty funny because its always entertaining to see someone go a little bit crazy.

Its a show worth checking out for one or two episodes, I watched about 10 or 12 episodes from various seasons on HBO and thought they were decent but ultimately too neurotic for my tastes.

Reviewed by Casey Smith 1 / 10

Contrived and Self-Indulgent

Watching this, you can just tell that Larry David thinks he's the funniest person ever. He thinks he's so funny that every episode can be like a slow-paced version of Whose Line Is It Anyway, starring only himself. His performance is so fake and full of self-admiration that you can almost see him grinning proudly at the camera whenever he hears the sound of his own voice. But it's just not interesting to hear him go on and on in a stereotypical, slow and uninspired version of neurotic-Jewish-comedian style. It's especially annoying when he repeats the same thing over and over in an obvious attempt to appear humorously neurotic that quickly becomes boring (eg "a guy in a suit stealing my newspaper? A GUY IN A SUIT STEALING MY NEWSPAPER? A guy in a suit... stealing my newspaper!?" ... repeating a joke that's already obvious does not make it better).

Not to mention that the humor is basically the same style as in Seinfeld. Yes, of course this show is not identical to Seinfeld; it's less clever. I will never understand why everyone else seems to think this show is so great.

Reviewed by Master Cultist 10 / 10

Larry David post-Seinfeld

Larry David features as himself in this curious, vicious and truly excellent comedy from The States.

Larry is a very interesting creature, full of cast in stone beliefs about how the world should be, how people should behave, and standards of behaviour both in society in general and between individuals. His fervent belief system constantly sees him landing himself in hot water as he derides and/or becomes upset by people who don't understand his unique set of rules.

Ball tighteningly embarrassing situations present themselves as Larry stumbles from one disaster to another, and his long suffering wife Cheryl tries her best to explain to him just why it is that he always seems to get things wrong.

From an individual standpoint, I find the show very interesting as it seems clear that the viewer is meant to consider his beliefs a little over-zealous, but I for one whole-heartedly agree with him the majority of the time. People should be nicer towards one another, people should be more considerate, and those that aren't are deserving of his wrath.

Great performances from Jeff Garlin as his agent and Richard Lewis, playing himself, as one of his closest friends gives this show a real edge.

Massively recommended to all, but be prepared to squirm almost as much as you laugh. Simply brilliant.

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