Cube²: Hypercube


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Kari Matchett as Kate Filmore
Bruce Gray as Colonel Thomas H. Maguire
Barbara Gordon as Mrs. Paley
Neil Crone as Jerry Whitehall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DrLex 4 / 10

Fails on many levels

Cube 2 is in many respects just a clone of the original Cube movie. Suppose you haven't seen that movie yet and consider watching this more recent version, which would probably be cooler because it has a larger budget and CGI... don't! Watch the original instead. If you like it, watch Cube Zero afterwards. Don't watch this one unless you really ache for more Cube- stuff.

There are many things about Hypercube that don't work. Overall, it feels like a bad remake of an old classic. This is not surprising because that's exactly what it is, except for the fact that the original isn't really 'old' yet, it only predates this movie by 5 years. 'Cube 2' is populated by almost exactly the same characters as the first movie. The premise is also the same, even though they added an extra 'dimension' (literally).

Of course it also differs from the original Cube in some ways. First, the complexity of the way in which the original 'cube' could be solved, is replaced by a simple concept which is made to look complex by means of cool-sounding terminology and random mathematical formulas. In the original movie, someone familiar with mathematics could follow the lines of thought of the characters, and people unfamiliar with maths could still feel that there was something substantial to it. In Cube 2, nobody understands what's happening, and this seems to include the makers of the movie themselves. Next, the original movie featured some gruesome yet inventive ways in which many of the characters died, involving traps with wires, fire, acid and so on. In 'Cube 2', characters are killed by computer graphics -- literally. If you expect more of the visceral gore like in Cube, you'll be heavily disappointed. Moreover, the effects looks cheap and dated. They're so obviously synthetic that it's distracting. Finally, there's a whole set of fresh actors. Unfortunately, the acting is rather bad. Unlike in the original 'Cube', I didn't care about any of the characters. Some even irritated me to such a degree that I wanted them to die quickly.

'Cube 2: Hypercube' feels as if somebody thought the original 'Cube' could be improved by throwing a bigger budget to it, and a crew which is skilled and has good tools, but has no clue of what made the original so good. It's a bit as if they just learned about the concept of a hypercube and found it so cool, that they thought a movie mostly based on this concept would be equally cool.

Reviewed by Di Bobi 4 / 10

Not as bad as the third one, and not as good as the first one, a decent average

The cube no longer has an interesting design but is as generic and uninteresting as ever. I say 'cube' not 'cubes', because all of the movie clearly happens on the exact same small and boring set.

The camera is spinning around the cube all zoomed in for long, puke-inducing amounts of time. I really felt sick and my eyes started to hurt somewhere in the middle of watching this. Whoever filmed this overdid that spinning to create fake tension. It felt truly obnoxious.

The characters are somewhat like-able this time though. At least for most of the movie, they're not as flat and 'just there to hysterically yell and die' like in the other two movies, eventhough the cliche 'violent male' and 'generic smart I'm-gonna-survive-this female' characters from the other movies are still in this one, except the obligatory 'violent male' character is white for once.

There are no deaths in this movie as much as in the first one, and the ones that are present are accompanied by terrible CGI and aura of fake-ness, but the movie still manages to be interesting most of the time, due to the decent characters at because it delivers *some* answers to plot holes missing from the first Cube.

If you enjoyed the first Cube movie, watch this one with low expectation, and by all means DO NOT WATCH THE THIRD ONE because it will ruin the whole series for you - it's THAT awful.

This one though - worth the watch. It's a solid 'okay' B-movie.

Reviewed by inawisp 2 / 10

Just a reboot of the first movie

Cube 2 was an immensely convoluted film with very few like able characters. It tries to mirror the first movie, and comes off as superficial. It lacks the substance of the first film, the same substance that made it tense and established the mood that should have been part of the second installment. I give it 2 stars simply because it has a more interesting aesthetic than the first, but not much else to offer. The ending was just your typical, predictable plot twist that hardly added anything to the film, and the overall back story presented in segments throughout the film is nothing new. I only suggest watching cube 2 as a comparison to the first movie, as it gives an over view of the directing and writing styles that make the movies each their own. It sacrifices the practical design of the first movie for something more abstract and complex, which in my opinion dissolves the tension, and suspense you would expect of a sequel to Cube.

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