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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
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Gal Gadot as Jill Pope
Ryan Reynolds as Bill Pope
Alice Eve as Marta Lynch
Kevin Costner as Jericho Stewart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anopenmindedlady 10 / 10

A Great Suspense Movie From Start To Finish.

Criminal is a 2016 American action thriller drama film directed by Ariel Vromen and written by Douglas Cook and David Weisberg. The film is about an ex-con who is implanted with a dead CIA agent's memories to finish an assignment. The film stars Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones in their second collaboration following the 1991 film JFK.

The memories and skills of deceased CIA agent Bill Pope are implanted into gruff convict, Jericho Stewart, in order to finish an incomplete mission.

Handsome Actor Ryan Reynolds plays the role of a CIA agent in London, he struggles to come back to to his home base. Two opponents are chasing him, the CIA and a team of terrorists. When the terrorists come closer to the CIA agent a series of breathtaking incidents will happen and the dramatic climax comes and will definitely please all the audience who love Great Action Movies.

Reviewed by niutta-enrico 5 / 10

Criminal: Thankfully an all-star Cast.

This film has been saved by its stars: Ryan Reynolds first and Kevin Costner few minutes later will make you forget most of plot's unbelievable logical holes, awful editing (what's Alice Eve's end?), repetitive scenes and complete lack of bad guy's motive (Jordi Mollà).

And Tommy Lee Jones, Gal Gadot, Gary Oldman and Michael Pitt (Alice Eve here is little more than an extra) strive to fill with workmanship and dignity their otherwise gaunt supporting roles.

They all succeed in saving the day and in the end you won't fall asleep or leave theater in contempt. But on your way home you could probably comment that this is one of the most useless (or unconvincing) films you ever watched.

Reviewed by kevjoyce-41340 10 / 10

Mr Costner.... WOW

This is my first ever review of a movie and boy what movie.

The cast is perfect, the setting is brilliant. The story flawless (if you let yourself go with it)

First of all let me say that Mr Costner has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he is one of the greatest actors of this or any generation. His performance is powerful, stirring and just plain amazing. I would never of thought he could portray a character like this. This is not the man from Robin Hood.. far from a Field of Dreams and so much more than a Waterworld. The pace never lets up and you will find yourself shocked, stunned , cheering, laughing and wincing in equal measure. All parts are played by cast brilliantly and with conviction. The action sequences do not feel like set pieces but more like a fluid progression of the plight of the main character. Gal Godot is beautiful in this movie, frail and torn and you can see it, I mean really see it. Ms Gabot is proving to be far more than a pretty face (not that I only thought that) Ryan Renolds is on key as usual in a familiar kind of role. At one point (i'll let you figure which part I mean) my heart breaks for the man. Gary Oldman is frantic and who can blame him , also brilliantly done. I'm not going to dissect the movie as I'm sure many will but only say be prepared for a movie that will draw you in and keep you hooked until the very end and then have you begging for the movie to be longer. Down to direction, location, stunts, sfx BRAVO !! I'm not sure if this is a movie that will be looked upon as Oscar worthy (it should be) but for the sake of common sense and justice to a great performance, Mr Kevin Costner take a bow and I hope beyond hope that you get the recognition you deserve for this movie... Outstanding !!!!!

P.S sorry if my grammar offends (or amuses) :)

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