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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 3 / 10

Couldn't Care About the Characters Here

There's plenty of sex, drugs, nudity, explicit language, and Augmented Reality fantasies here, but if you're looking for any characters you can care about you may very well come up empty handed. Shot in black-and- white, to be fair there is some humor and satire that emerges every so often, but it never stays on a steady enough path to sustain itself.

Benjamin Dickinson stars here as David, as he also directed the movie and co-wrote the screenplay with Micah Bloomberg, an advertising exec who wins the Augmenta account for his agency. They specialize in Augmented Reality glasses and David volunteers to try out the product so he can prepare his marketing campaign. However, he begins to find the trips into Augmented Reality much preferable to his fast crumbling personal life.

All in all, there's a few things to like here but they're outweighed by pretentious and unlikable characters, so that by the end of the movie I really didn't care what happened to any of them.

Reviewed by charles000 8 / 10

The character studies are priceless . . . and remarkably on target

The character studies are priceless . . . and remarkably on target

How to actually describe this?

A stylized rendition of uber fluff post millennial somethings immersed into the quasi emergent culture norm of this near future world, something like "Silicon Valley", extruded through a NY augmented reality enhanced art / ad agency scene mandrel.

But, that only barely covers the real description of what this is.

The character studies are priceless . . . and remarkably on target (at least in my perturbed opinion), maybe too close to home for some?

Visually, this is an art piece to be appreciated, but perhaps that is too distracting for some of the previous reviewers.

It's something of a twisted love story, but I had no difficulty at all following the various sub plot threads woven into this story.

No, not quite a 10, but certainly a well deserved 8.

Yes, this is a bit different, perhaps a bit of a risky tangent to have extrapolated upon, but for what it is, remarkably well done.

I don't mind when a production takes a bit of a risk, strays just a bit outside the box to deliver a potential future experience.

Some have suggested this will be soon forgotten as a trivial experiment in filmcraft.

I'm leaning in the other direction, more toward this maybe becoming a sort of future cult classic in its own context.

My humble suggestion . . . watch and absorb this, it will be worth the time spent.

Reviewed by Erik Stuborn 8 / 10

Speculative Fiction for nerds

An interesting, and different, black comedy that provides an interesting and unprecedented view of how future technologies will affect all human relationships: friendship, emotional relationships, work relationships... in a kind of tribute to the most futuristic visions of Jacques Tati in "Mon Oncle" or "Play Time', also the story has dyes from Philip K. Dick's sharpness, without forgetting —as a black comedy— the touch of Woody Allen's anticipation style, although the protagonist is nailed to Nanni Moretti...

The movie keeps the tension, creates perfectly chained situations and solves with good arts a script that could have fallen a hundred different places. The atmosphere and aesthetics of the film are noteworthy, with its mild anachronistic touch, and has no cracks in its approach of frightening (and suggestive at once) speculative fiction while being an American comedy about thirtysomething people and their usual problems: love, job, friends, addictions, unfulfilled desires and the reality that —always— imposes itself (problems that, apparently, are the same in the future).

A striking film for those interested in Speculative Fiction.

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