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Eva Green as Miss G
Imogen Poots as Poppy
María Valverde as Fiamma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sugarprincess-93045 9 / 10

A beautifully crafted story

Cracks is cinematically beautiful. There is something almost magical about it and the color palette reminds me of The Secret Garden. When I watched the trailer I expected something very different but I think I was pleasantly surprised. The trailer presented it as very mysterious and almost frightening. Netlfix marketed it as "lesbian flick". It is much more than those things. I love movies that I can really dissect and analyze and find symbolism and deeper meanings like I am in literature class discussing a book. These are the best type of movies. This is where I was first introduced to Eva Green and it's my favorite performance of her's next to her work in Penny Dreadful. She is so enigmatic as the seemingly adventurous and admirable Miss G. All the actors do a superb job at convincing us that these characters are real people and not just people get paid to spit out lines. The ending left me thinking and reflecting for hours wanting to know more. It is a story of jealousy, admiration, fragility, fear, innocence, and above all desire. I could not help but to think of Lord of the Flies while watching it and having a light bulb go off in my head as to why it seemed familiar.

Reviewed by earthboli 10 / 10

Exquisitely Crafted/Disturbing Coming-of-Age Drama

This movie is a suspenseful masterpiece and coming-of-age period drama, with slow tension building to a grim climax.

In Cracks, you will see several youth lost and forgotten at a countryside boarding school, idolizing the "fearless" teacher/swimming coach Miss G. Alas, the youth slowly discover that people can be cunning, cruel, and dishonest. It only takes one outsider to come along to shift the balance in the girls, and trigger in their mentor a slow descent into obsession and jealousy.

Miss G emanates confidence, power, and intensity, but the film masterly reveals over time that all is not as it seems. Everything she created was a carefully crafted charade that crashed down when she was confronted with a person more worldly and refined, simultaneously triggering sexual awakening, jealousy, and hostile obsession.

This film is somewhat disturbing for its portrayal of certain sexual themes (I will leave it at that to keep from spoilers), but unbelievably well-acted, with a gripping script and Oscar- worthy cinematography. It is, in short, a masterpiece about shattering facades and growing up, albeit the growing pains are gritty and traumatic. No one in this film is without blame for what happens in the climax, but the lessons learned last a lifetime.

This film is an underrated gem of cinema, and I wish it had garnered more attention when it was released.

Reviewed by areatw 7 / 10

Intriguing psychological thriller

'Cracks' is a low-key, slow burning psychological drama with a dark and unexpected ending. The emphasis on dialogue and character development makes for a pleasant surprise and is not something you typically expect from a modern day thriller.

I thought Eva Green delivered the stand out performance of the film as the mysterious and unpredictable Miss G. She was excellent throughout. The film does well to sustain tension for large parts of the film as the relationship between Fiamma, her classmates and Miss G develops. Despite its slow pace, 'Cracks' is never short on drama.

Those who enjoy unpredictable and tense psychological thrillers should give this film a chance. It is one of the more thoughtful and intelligent thrillers out there.

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