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Jana Kramer as Katherine Bishop
Marcia Bennett as Mrs. Stanley
Jacob Blair as Brad
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Kaufman 6 / 10

Not Too Bad, Not Too Great.

The movie wasn't bad, but was OK. This movie felt like a decent community musical that was filmed for TV. I rented this movie, not knowing that Jana Kramer was in it but was surprised, because I am from Michigan and so was she . Her performance was fairly good. It reminded me of CW style One Tree Hill-like movie-making with a tad bit more musical numbers. I was expecting a military like movie, with the Marine element but I found that it made the military uniform rather sloppy in representation. Jana Kramer did a much better job in "Heart of the Country" as an actress, because you actually got to see her perform as Faith. Also, in her indie-film American Legion charity movie that she did way back in the day, I think it was called "Approaching Midnight", they had better military representation in uniforms. I will say this for sure, SOPHIE TWEED SIMMONS as AINSLEY Stole the Show in the film, which was Andrew Cymek's best casting choice overall. The plot was sort of forced but that's okay, because that is the style of the film. I am not a fan of the Hallmark style TV Movies in a whole. But if you are a fan of that quaint Hallmark like effect, I think you will enjoy this for what it is.

Reviewed by quatinajackson 8 / 10

Good Entertaining Musical

Musical is not one of my favorite genre but i have seen a lot of movies through the years. This was good but not the best the storyline was the weakest with bad writing for characters such as Jana Kramer(Katherine Bishop)she had the least development out of all from beginning to end we know nothing about her character except she's a stay at home mom waiting for her husband (Cody Bishop)to return.

The Best thing I like was the performance by the characters interacting showing their emotion in singing and the soundtrack is great. I also find myself re watching this movie like other musical because they always entertain me the most when in a bad mood. This musical was less annoying and simple compare to Disney teen bop musical.

Some of the acting wasn't great the weakest was Nancy but good singer. For me the strongest acting was Munro(Charlie Bishop) how he was dealing with giving up his dreams for family, school, his brother, love and lost. I'm not expecting strong acting in a musical but does it make them a bad actor? No. It's just a lame excuse to hate it because it's a musical doesn't make it bad. It's like saying John Travolta, Johnny Depp,Zac Efron and Huge Jackman is a bad actor because they in a musical knowingly you not going find strong acting here because all you see is singing.

Musical will always be the most hated genre why? It's not my favorite genre but i don't hate it but find it enjoyable, amusing and make me feel happy. Overall good singing by actors but wish they keep the storyline simple.

Reviewed by Victoria 3 / 10

Meh. If you're not into corny....or sad

Okay, when I first saw this summary I thought maybe I could relate. Being a city girl, it seemed cute that a boy would go after her. However, the summary and the actual story line don't seem to match up. This is about a struggling singer trying to get her big break and about a guy who has experienced a lot in his life. And the main girl on the cover is barely even in the movie, I was so confused about that.

Anyway, after realizing that this is a musical I kinda chuckled a lot. It just didn't give me that musical vibe from the first 5 minutes then bam, the brother is breaking into song.

As for the acting, it could definitely be better, but the voices are killer. I actually bought some songs as a result of watching the movie. If these actors were as good at acting as they are singing, we'd have a gold mind right here.

I actually recommended it to a friend, if you like cheesy movies then you'll def love this.

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