Corpse Bride


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
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Johnny Depp as Victor Van Dort
Helena Bonham Carter as Corpse Bride
Albert Finney as Finis Everglot
Christopher Lee as Pastor Galswells
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matt Greene 5 / 10

Mee - dee - OH - ker!

The problem is everything that's good about this movie (macabre humor, dark romance, unique design, original music) is just SOOO much better in Nightmare Before Christmas.

Reviewed by waustell 1 / 10

A frustrating waste

I went into this movie with very low expectations, and I was still let down. "Corpse Bride" is a frustrating experience because it takes a lot of skilled and talented people, then wastes their talents on a lazy, uninspired production.

The script feels like a first draft, where someone threw in a bunch of half-baked ideas and meant to turn them into something good later, but he just never got around to it. For example: We first meet our hero, Victor, in a room with scientific gear, studying a butterfly. His interest in science never shows up again, even though it would be so much fun to see a scientist react to all the magic in the film. Later the spirit of Victor's dead dog comes back; Victor is delighted at first, then he just ignores his dog for the rest of the film.

Victor's parents are earnest, decently-interesting characters who have a huge role for the whole first half of the film... then, suddenly, they're written out of the movie in the most random and stupid manner possible, never to be mentioned again.

We visit the Land of the Dead, where some spirits party all the time, but other spirits work crappy jobs sweeping the streets for no clear reason. Are these spirits just stuck in this afterlife forever? If so, why are there only like 15 people in the Land of the Dead? The very end of the film suggests that they move on to eternal rest (or reincarnation? it's vague) after they find peace, but nothing else in the film ever even hints at this idea, so it comes out of nowhere in the last few seconds.

This is a problem when Emily, The Corpse Bride herself, is a major character, but we never learn what she can or can't do. She can apparently talk to animals and do some other magic. It sure would be fun to see more of her magical abilities, but this movie just can't bother to use that much imagination.

But I must give special attention to the biggest "screw you" to the audience: Victoria's subplot. To sum it up: She sees that Victor is in trouble; she wants to go help him, but her parents tell her to calm down and lock her in her room. So she makes a tense and daring escape! We root for her character and want to see her succeed! But instead, the first person she asks for help just brings her back home, and she's locked in again. The entire scene was a complete waste of time.

This would be disappointing enough. But THEN, her parents tell her they will marry her to a sleazy new suitor. Victoria has been totally dynamic up to this point, and now she has more reason than ever to go find Victor and set things right... but she just gives up instead. The screenwriter got so lazy that he just made her clam up & obey her parents, even though this goes against everything we've learned about her character. For a short time, Victoria is the most likable, proactive character, and then she suddenly turns into a complete wimp.

Unless you have very, very low standards, stuff like the above subplot will leave you feeling cheated, betrayed, and even a little disgusted with the laziness and shoddiness of the story.

My heart bled for all the hard-working animators who put countless hours of work and effort into this film, only to create an embarrassing, ridiculous waste of time because the writing-directing team was so shamefully lazy. The same goes for the voice actors: most of the puppets are so sorely limited, it would be way more fun just to watch the actors saying their lines in a recording booth. (Christopher Lee especially suffers, as he ranges from bombastic to subtle, while his puppet character is stiff & listless.) It's a horrible waste of talent.

Reviewed by Animated Antic 9 / 10

A sweet and emotional film.

"Corpse Bride" is probably one of Tim Burton's most unique films. Not just because the film itself has a very unique story, animation and characters, but because it is the first full length animated film Tim Burton actually directed (he only produced "Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James and the Giant Peach"), the first film he received an Oscar nomination for, and the only one of his stop motion movies not to be released by Disney, but instead was released Warner Brothers. The film was also produced by Laika Entertainment, who later went on to do other stop motion movies like "Coraline", "Paranorman" and "Kubo and the Two Strings". With both the creative forces from Burton and Laika, it leads us to a film with a very original and emotional story, some colorful animation, and some pretty likable characters.

In a Victorian city, the son of rich fish merchants named Victor (Johnny Depp) and the daughter of snobby poor aristocrats named Victoria (Emily Watson) have been arranged to be married by their parents in hopes that the wealth of merchants can restore the wealth of the aristocrats. However, Victor is unable to remember his wedding vows and tries practicing them in the woods nearby, unaware that the tree root he places his wedding ring on is rather the finger of the Corpse Bride named Emily (Helena Bonham Carter) whom he by accident engages to. He is then transported into the Land of the Dead where he is told about Emily's tragic backstory which I shall not spoil and it's up to him to return to the world of the living and set things right.

It was very obvious that Burton (along with Depp) were clearly putting their passion and energy into this film rather than the disastrous remake of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" which came out the same year. The film has a very creative story that feels like a fairy tale being retold despite the film rather being original. I also am astonished that a film with a story as crazy as this was able to work well in the first place. The animation is also great. It certainly looks different from Burton's previous films and I like it because it's able to establish itself as its own product rather than riding the reigns of the previous movies. The idea of making the Victorian city more downbeat, grey and dull while making the world of the dead bright, colorful and upbeat is especially clever. I also found myself getting really emotionally connected to the characters. The relationship that Victor has between both Emily and Victoria are well established and pretty believable. The characters of the dead are also a lot of fun. I really enjoyed how they looked and some of the gags that they came up with like the skeletons taking of their heads and putting them on the skeleton right next to them. As far as problems go, the villain is a little bland. While his connection he has to the plot is really well written, his personality was very boring and he really didn't stand out compared to Oogie Boogie from "Nightmare" and Aunt Sponge and Spiker from "James and the Giant Peach". I also thought Danny Elfman's songs, while well written and fun, were a little forgettable. It's a shame too as the songs from "Nightmare" were my favorite part. However, I do think that "Remains of the Day" was probably the song I remember the most due to how colorful and upbeat it was.

"Corpse Bride" may not be on par with "The Nightmare Before Christmas", but as a film in general, the creative original story, the colorful animation, and some pretty likable characters. It could have been as good as "Nightmare" had it had a few more fixes, but I thought it was pretty impressive for what they delivered.

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