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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elliotte2 3 / 10

Follows Every Prison Movie Cliche

Wrongly convicted...check Sadistic warden...check Young kid that main character cares about...check Sadistic guards...check Old grizzled convict who befriends...check One guard who is not as crooked and tries to help...check Sodomy scene...check Multiple prison murders that no one questions...check

Film follows every prison formula without adding any originality of its own.

Acting is forced, with some characters blurting out dialogue like a high school play. Emotional range is very limited for all actors. Motivation for why the people are acting the way they are seems manufactured, not developed. In addition, several MAJOR plotlines introduced are either forgotten, or edited out, making you wonder about what happened to so-and-so. Just slight logic being used would make movie null and void.

Reviewed by sendit-88519 3 / 10

Boring and slow

Typical prison movie. Very slow moving but the plot eventually comes to a head. Main actor Ray performed well. I thought this was going to be a high octane prison movie however it moved so slow that after an hour or so I started jumping ahead as in, lets get to the point already. As for the remaining actors, they had simple lines with so so acting. In my opinion the inmates acted better than most of the main characters.

Reviewed by earpmorgan 5 / 10


This is not a bad movie. It's just an Aussie version of Conair. The actors in this movie are good. I like the old prison site and real ex convicts being used per authenticity. I think the script could have been a little more original. I liked some of the scenes filmed near Sydney.

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