Action / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
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Ethan Embry as Daniel
Mykelti Williamson as Captain Saul Miller
Laura Cayouette as Esther
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scottamac 8 / 10

The best horror- thriller -cult classic type film i have seen all year!

This movie is Fantastic! I really wasn't expecting much when I viewed this film. These days it seems like, " you've seen one you've seen them all" and I'm really getting sick of all the Copy Cat " SAW/ Poltergeist/Satan's busting a move to take over the world "Franchise Crap, but that's Holly wood for you, rehashing a theme until it's a dead horse mangled on the ground.

This movie is done like a cult classic and I think they did it that way on purpose. It has a couple of good spins in it, some scares, some corn ball Lurch types, even a 50's Betty-Boop nurse. It really had a great mixture all around. I'm not really a horror/beyond the grave/Limbo movie fan, but this kept me in my seat and motivated to keep watching.

The twist towards the end and how it just slid right into your lap was really well done, My prediction of how it was going to end was way off and that was refreshing for once.

If you get the chance to take this Movie in, Do so. Enjoy!

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10


Although that German title of the movie is not entirely accurate, it does describe a certain feel and aesthetic the movie has. It is low budget, but it does have some decent actors in it. One of them you may know from the other side of the law, playing a very charismatic and colorful (no pun intended) character in Justified.

But apart from recognizable faces (maybe) and some decent twists, this also offers some nice effects. Though nice is not the word one may want to use in combination of this movie, it is pretty good for a movie of its size. If you don't take that into consideration, you probably will rate this a lot lower than I have, but you've been warned. Characters are bland of course, but B-movie fun can be there if you look for it

Reviewed by jhr2012 1 / 10

Another disappointing Netflix selection

What a waste of time. I have no idea what I just watched. I fell asleep three times because it was so boring, and each time, there were a bunch of new characters. The story was confusing and I could not keep track of the characters. More importantly, I didn't care! Don't watch this one. You'll be as disappointed as I was, I'm sure.

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