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Kate Beckinsale as Kate Farraday
Mark Wahlberg as Chris Farraday
Ben Foster as Sebastian Abney
Giovanni Ribisi as Tim Briggs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul2001sw-1 5 / 10

Well paced, but few other virtues

'Contraband' features all the cliches of the genric crime thriller: the nice-guy retired smugler, forced to do one last job for the good of his family; some psychotic villains; a fast-paced plot laced with double-crossing; and various dramatic but not particularly coherent action scenes. It's as shallow as hell, not nearly as cool as it thinks it is, but still quite entertaining in a dumb sort of way. The finale on the building site, however, is frankly preposterous, and there's little in the way of emotional pay-off at the end.

Reviewed by Floated2 6 / 10

Solid Action Thriller

Contraband is an action thriller starring Mark Wahlberg (Chris Farraday), playing a former drug smuggler who's gone straight, having settled down with his wife (Kate Beckinsale) and kids and opened his own home security company. Though, his domestic bliss is turned around when his brother-in-law (Caleb Landry Jones) botches a job for a local hood (Giovanni Ribisi) and can't make amends. The only thing that will make it right is if Chris helps with a big score (smuggling $40 million) through the Panama Canal.

This film is a typical action thriller with a January release. The film works due to the performances by the cast, all of whom play their characters straight despite. Wahlberg playing a character in which he has played often before shines in this role as he has this type of character figured out, as he excels most as these type of likable yet tough action heroes. The overall plot is quite standard with some predictable twists but in the end it's mores so about the journey.

Reviewed by dierregi 1 / 10

Retired criminal forced to take one "last" job cliché

Whalberg is Chris, a retired smuggler forced to take "one last job" to save his stupid brother-in-law who messed up with Chris former gang, lead by Tim (a totally unconvincing Ribisi).

A blonde, Barbie-like version of Bekinsale is Chris'wife, Kate. The family is completed by two bratty kids who have nothing to do with the plot, except being mentioned as the reason why Chris retired from his evil life.

As if this premise is not cliché enough, Chris is also a king of cool who cannot go wrong. His "last job" involves sailing to Panama as a crew member of a cargo ship with a handful of former associates.

In Panama City Chris and gang are mixed up in one of the most absurd heists in movie history. Everybody dies during a massive shooting with the police, except Chris and friend, who do not even get a scratch.

Among the many other plot holes: Chris and gang disembark without permission but the captain, despite his dislike for Chris, waits for them to come back; they sabotage the ship without any other crew member noticing anything strange; stupid brother-in -law smuggles cocaine on board, custom control being nonexistent in third world countries; they wear leather jacket in tropical Panama City etc...

Back at home, Barbie and kids are threatened by Tim and his gang, but the audience can be sure that Chris will save the day. Besides fake currency and cocaine, the smugglers get home some piece of art to allow them to live happily ever after.

Not only the script is awful, illogical and full of plot holes, but the "F" world flies around with such a frequency to make you wonder if in the smugglers world it is possible to speak a sentence without using it - it gets tiring to hear stuff like "Today the weather is f#%+ing good" "So glad to f#%ing know that", etc...

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