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Rachel Weisz as Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson
Keanu Reeves as John Constantine
Tilda Swinton as Gabriel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LAKERS34 8 / 10

Sorry...I liked it...

This is a's not supposed to be so rooted in reality that we scoff at the implausibilities and the plot holes... We're not watching it to say "look at how that happened" or "why is it all happening here in L.A. when we have these worldwide problems" or...whatever... It has to happen somewhere; either you buy off on the fable and get into the story or you flush it...

While not being Catholic, through theological edification I was able to make sense of storyline, ironies, metaphors, etc... I liked Reaves' character and again, it's a matter of preference - love or hate - but he played Constantine's miserable demon-cop just right - Reaves continues to find rolls suited to his particular, dark style. Special effects were great, and I give the film kudos for not diving in and becoming an effects remains online to the story and where we're going... Weisz as heroine and Peter Stormare as Lucifer himself were well-cast. What can I say? It was great diversion and a fun DVD to watch. Check it out!

Reviewed by LemonLadyR 5 / 10

OK Watch but Mostly Meh

I came into this outside of the comic book it is based on (or any comic books), so I had no expectations. I love the movie The Devil's Advocate, which also stars Keanu Reeves, so thought he might also do this justice, even though his acting skills are somewhat limited. And I love Rachel Weisz, although she has never trumped The Constant Gardener, and has carried that character forward, unfortunately. Here, she really tries on a different acting persona, leaving behind that defiant, earnest young woman thing. But it doesn't work and just seems like she is trying to be Reeves' character. I think she probably is a one note actress. I enjoyed, mostly, the basic movie, effects, and makeup. It kept my interest, but the acting was sometimes laughable and the ending is fairly clunky. All the plot/script holes came together for it and it ruined my opinion of the whole movie. It was really horrid. Without the ending, I would give it 7-8 stars. I don't watch a lot of comic book movies, or read any, but it was better than I thought it would be and not a bad way to spend time. Doubt I will watch it again; doesn't have the depth, on any level. I read that it didn't follow the comic it was based on, Hellblazer, very much, but incorporated plot and characters from other comics, and perhaps that is what allowed it to be the movie it is. Not sure a comic could do much but form the stub for a movie plot. I would consider watching the sequel, when it comes out, after checking the reviews.

Reviewed by Reinier De Vlaam 5 / 10

very basic stuff, but Tilda Swinton is worth watching

What this movie made clear was that Keenau Reeves is far, far away from even Tilda Swinton's shadow when it comes to acting. The role of Neo in the Matrix was more or less written for him, but it is actually all he can and in this movie it is out of its palce and annoying. Rachel Weisz, who played a great role in the constant garderner in the same year is total flat out and uninspired. This movie is however rescued by the (too few) appearances of Tilda Swinton as Gabriel gone mad. She puts al lot of fun in the role, you see she enjoys it and she sparkles from the screen. Now I have to admit the scipt doesn't allow the actors to really excell, all is pretty basic and predictable. Ofcourse Constantine will sacrifice himself to go to heaven. But the holes in the script are also obvious... if Isabel sacrificed herself by commiting suicide, why is she in hell if constantine goes to heaven for the same deed? Well there are some silly demon attacks, we get some ugly make-up, holy water saves the day in some moments and well thats about it.

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