Conspiracy Theory


Action / Crime / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 84712


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Julia Roberts as Alice Sutton
Mel Gibson as Jerry Fletcher
Tom McCarthy as Helicopter Spotter
Patrick Stewart as Dr. Jonas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suryabali 3 / 10

Overacting of Mel Gibson.......

Forgettable movie.

Nothing special in this movie.

Mel Gibson Terrible Overacting ruin the movie.

julia roberts is OK.

Nothing new to see in this movie.

Worst storyline, acting, direction, script.......

Totally Crap...... Don't watch it

Reviewed by Artur Machado 4 / 10

Gibson acting is the only legitimate reason to see this movie

Action/mystery/thriller and some romance with Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts e Patrick Stewart. Gibson gives one of his best roles and is the only legitimate reason to see this movie. The title is misleading, as it suggests immersion in some one of the various conspiracy theories, but the film turns out to be only a generic generality in this regard, serving only as a pretext for a thriller with a basic convoluted plot and for Gibson to be able to shine in his depiction of crazy conspiracy theorist nutcase. In the end it turns out to be just another action thriller with nothing memorable to highlight.

Reviewed by ray akapotasana 6 / 10

Pretty good plot, badly executed

Basically I like the film. Unfortunately I find the performance of Mel Gibson mediocre at best. Really to bad. Gibson simply doesn't convince me. The main character would have deserved a more lived through performance. With Gibson I have the feeling he simply can't do better. Would have liked to see Brad Pitt as the main character. Would have been fun. Could perhaps have been an exceptionally good film than. Basically the characters of Gibson and Roberts somehow reminds me of Bruce Willis and Kathryn Railly as the so-called psychiatric patient and his psych in Twelve Monkeys which was released one year before in 1995. Only the execution of that film was considerably better.

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