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Kerry Washington as Anita Hill
Jeffrey Wright as Charles Ogletree
Grace Gummer as Ricki Seidman
Zoe Lister-Jones as Carolyn Hart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grimalkin-2 10 / 10

A Supreme Court confirmation hearing becomes complicated by Anita Hill's charges of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas.

The movie did a fine job of condensing the confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court, and Anita Hill's accusations that Thomas had sexually harassed her on numerous occasions and was morally unfit to become a justice. Various issues are explored, including sexual harassment in the workplace, sexual harassment by an African American in the workplace, and sexual harassment by an African American male directed toward an African American female in the workplace. If there is a villain in the piece, it is neither Anita Hill nor Clarence Thomas (beautifully portrayed by Kerry Washington and Wendell Pierce respectively), but the Democratic chairman, Joe Biden (Greg Kinnear), of the Senate committee debating Thomas's qualifications. From start to finish Biden is presented as a wuss, easily swayed and manipulated by Republicans to present Thomas in the best possible light. Along the way, Biden also loses witnesses to affirm Clarence Thomas's alleged behavior toward Anita and other women. The movie confronts the cowardliness of liberal white men (all the Democrats on the committee) dealing with sexual harassment charges that concern a black man, with the possible exception of the late-blooming Edward Kennedy who finally comes to Anita Hill's defense. For the most part, Republicans have a field day in attempting to destroy Anita Hill's reputation with bogus charges while Democrats remain mute. Greg Kinnear is completely credible as Biden as is Treat Williams as Ted Kennedy. The movie stresses how this confirmation hearing resulted in the country's growing sensitivity to sexual harassment. But it also shows how Joe Biden's ineptness results not only in Clarence Thomas's confirmation, but a generation of conservative opinions from the Supreme Court.

Reviewed by rhoo-57491 10 / 10

Still Valid

I'm giving this movie a 10 because of its importance. The acting is great, but it isn't a riveting movie. It is an excellent example of what women go through when they speak out about sexual harassment and sexual abuse. It accurately portrays how people who know the abuser absolutely cannot believe the person capable of such acts. Our culture still does not understand sexual predators rarely look like bad people and in fact may do good things. Unfortunately no matter what a person's status is or how many good things they do, if they commit sexual crimes they have harmed another human being in a critical way and sometimes the damage is irreparable. Thank goodness Anita Hill's courage had a positive impact on society.

Reviewed by gmclean-24636 8 / 10

A Sad Chapter in U.S. History

The HBO film, "Confirmation" documents the grueling events of Judge Clarence Thomas' US Supreme Court confirmation hearings. For a young person that is not as familiar with the history behind his confirmation to the US Supreme Court this film was very shocking and very upsetting. Before watching this movie I did not know about all of the controversy that surrounded his nomination and I had never heard of Anita Hill. When President Bush nominated Thomas (Wendell Pierce) to replace Thurgood Marshall the nation was overall convinced that he would be confirmed by the Senate. However when Anita Hill (Kerry Washington) is asked to come forward to with her testimony of sexual harassment against Thomas the chaos begins. The director Rick Famuyiwa includes news clips that were live during the hearings which enhances the audiences' experience. The news clips make the viewers feel as if the hearings are taking place now. Also this film includes many behind the scenes looks into what occurred without the public's knowledge and it is very disturbing. I would recommend this film because of the outstanding acting and the important message.

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