Con Man



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Mark Hamill as Robert Minkow
Justin Baldoni as Barry Minkow
Talia Shire as Carol Minkow
Elisabeth Röhm as Lisa Minnow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg) 6 / 10

Interesting true story told very poorly.

The writing/screenplay by novice writer/producer/director Bruce Caulk was bad. The story was all over the place with major plot issues. What got me was these narrators on screen telling their part of the story/events, not knowing who they are until the very end, and then realizing they are mainly nobodys. Why even have them in the film? It was enough having just the voice commentary. The 100 min length was fairly paced, but had it been written and edited better, it would have been better enjoyed.

Bruce's direction of the cameras in general was ok for a b-grade film, but he failed in directing some of the celebrity actors and made them seem like amateurs, as where the rest of the cast. James Caan was the only convincing character, and in a distant second place was Mark Hamill.

The score was atrocious... something that at times belonged in a Disney adventure film. The editing was just as bad.

The only reason I gave this film a very generous 6/10 was for introducing and telling the viewer the true story of Barry Minkow (who was also in the film as himself). I ended up learning more of his story by Google-ing him. Would I see it again or recommend it? Nope. But if you're into these type of white-collar criminal biographical films, it may be interesting enough to see.

Reviewed by ljesvolunteers 9 / 10

Enjoyable, Interesting, would watch again

I have been interested in Barry Minkow's story for years since the ZZZ carpet days. I knew that he tried to make a movie about his rise, fall and redemption and that it was never released because he got put back in the pokey. He actually stole the money that was used to produce the movie! what a piece of work. Director Bruce Caulk has found an interesting way to remake parts of the movie and tell the truth about what really happened to Barry. I wont spoil the ending but definitely worth the time to watch.

Reviewed by ayacka 10 / 10

TOP American White Collar Crime Drama

I really enjoyed this movie! I just saw it and thought it was pretty darn good. I think that some of the interviews that were placed in there reminded me of "Reds". There was a great cast in there lead by a strong director. Imagine having to direct or even work with a con man!! Not at that top of my list of things to do. Nevertheless, it was a well done film. All of the negative reviews that I had read are extremely false considering this movie wasn't even been released when they published their reviews... ignorant. All in all, I would say that this movie definitely deserves a watch.

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