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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filmwatcher 1 / 10

Let's do 'Eye's Wide Shut' ... but badly!!!!

Unfortunately, i have to say don't bother watching this unless you had 99 cents to spare and some time to have a nap. Production values are good and some nice visuals, some adult scenes and acting is fine, but just nothing to this film .... a poor version of 'Eye's Wide shut' , Fifty Shades and a wannabe Argento movie. Was very disappointed, and at times bored, some shocking scenes but nothing to save this very lame effort of a film!

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 1 / 10

Basic Sadie..

After a fight with her boyfriend, successful female erotic novelist on a book tour in Europe joins her ex and his female friend, with whom she falls madly in love, for a party at a castle owned by a dangerous cult. Sadie is a mix of different erotic films like Basic Instict and even Fifty Shades of Grey but the film is so weird and confusing alongside the acting which isn't that good either and with the direction that was clearly not that much of an effort either. Overall Sadie is boring, confusing and a mess of alot of different genres that don't make that much of a sense. (0/10)

Reviewed by KawaiiKiwi 5 / 10

Fifty Shades of Sadie

This was a weird movie. Lots of strange characters and scenes, lots of dream sequences, lots of sex, lots of empty dialogue. A few cheesy scares here and there, and some peculiar but nice visual imagery. I'll give that to the movie, the sets look beautiful, the castle is gorgeous and the visuals in some scenes are odd yet mesmerizing. The movie is a bit too experimental for its own good however, it is hard to take the story seriously when all the movie seems to want to be doing is look artistic and surreal. It also seems to take a few hints from Fifty Shade of Grey, but in a gothic-horror setting. Analeigh Tipton is an interesting actress but deserves better than this weak story-telling. Overall, a very bizarre film that just isn't very good. Added a point for the fine visuals.

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