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Mark Ruffalo as T-Bo
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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

weak writing

Joline (Heather Graham) live in New York with her friends and her husband Carl (Luke Wilson). He's an unhappy photographer and leaves her. On a whim, she sets off for Texas. She finds him working in an El Paso paper and decides to help him from afar. She is befriended by his flirtatious neighbor Niko (Goran Visnjic). Then she finds that Carl has new girlfriend Carmen (Patricia Velásquez) who has jealous ex T-Bo (Mark Ruffalo). Joline's brother Jay (Casey Affleck) comes to take her home but she continues to try to help Carl.

Heather Graham is a compelling actress. This movie starts with an idea to be a wacky left-of-center comedy. The writing is flat and the movie never gets there. It doesn't have the jokes. It doesn't have the irreverent fun. Graham is left to carry the weight by herself. There are many solid actors but they don't have anything interesting to do.

Reviewed by Raul Faust 7 / 10

Love don't let me go

"Committed" is a strange little movie that I've taken long time to find, considering it hasn't even been released in Brazil. Heather Graham plays a crazy woman that does everything in her powers to get along with her just married husband, who doesn't seem to be that in love with her. This woman travels a big time in the United States in order to find him, and when she does, he simply doesn't care. However, it doesn't feel that hard to comprehend what Joline is trying to do; many aspects in our lives bring the idea of getting married with the RIGHT person-- as if there would be a soul mate for each citizen of this world. Young girls are more likely to feel some connection with Graham's character, whilst older guys will just believe she's mentally nuts-- as some characters in the movie also do. The plot doesn't bring funny scenes, I understand, but everything feels so ironic and ingenuous that it's hard not to find the movie enjoyable. I honestly wished that Joline could get what she wanted so much, but the film never tries to please the spectator; things just happen as the (crazy) characters live their lives. "Committed" isn't anything marvelous, well directed or anything, but it surely VERY original and weird, which is a rare thing to find in the genre.

Reviewed by Syl 7 / 10

Don't Get It!

Heather Graham is a fine actress but this film seems to dance around a plot. She played Joline, a newlywed New Yorker, whose husband leaves her after two years of marriage. She finds him in El Paso, Texas where she stalks him.

Committed is not about being married but about being committed to an asylum. The film has Joline account for the events which led up to her time in a mental hospital. She is believable in her role. The cast includes Casey Affleck and Luke Wilson who played her photographer husband.

I will be honest that I didn't care for the film too much. True, it's an independent written and directed by Lisa Krueger but I just didn't get it like a message or reason for it's inception. Still it's an enjoyable comedy and drama.

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