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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vonia 7 / 10

An Afternoon At The Art Museum

Columbus (2017)

Not for everyone, Photography as central As story and plot. In Columbus, Ohio, Unlikely friendship. Through a shared eye for beauty, Each lets go of ghosts. Harold with no White Castle, A good performance. Richardson's is far better, Authentic, heartfelt. Serious roles, solemn film. Gorgeous building shots, Architecture lover's dream. A pleasant soundtrack, Perfect in its subtlety. Some might be bored but Like browsing an art museum, The long silences Are for reflection and thought. Might be slow at times, A few plot holes and loose ends, But worth the sensual escape.

Choka (long poem) was an epic storytelling form of poetry from the 1st to the 13th century, known as the Waka period. The choka is an unrhymed poem with the 5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7...7 syllable format (any odd number line length with alternating five and seven syllable lines that ends with an extra seven syllable line). #Choka #PoemReview

Reviewed by ReganRebecca 8 / 10

So good

This is exactly the type of movie that you watch and seems so simple yet is done so well.

Columbus belongs to that rare breed of films like Lost in Translation and Oslo, August 31st that is both a character study and a study of a place in itself. In this film the place is Columbus, Indiana. A young woman who loves architecture resides in the city where she has decided to forego her studies in order to take care of her mother. She plans on attending a lecture from a visiting architect but he collapses and goes into a coma cancelling the lecture. Through coincidence she meets his son, in town to take care of his father, and from there these two lost souls begin to bond.

But Columbus is a film that doesn't really translate well into writing. It is a mood piece that should be experienced rather than talked about.

First time director Kogonada really delivers, framing the architecture in ways which are still but not boring. John Cho finally has a film that matches his talent and he really delivers as a handsome meditative lead. Haley Lu Richardson is just wonderful and has an easy natural star quality about her.

Reviewed by frankieliam 3 / 10

A study in Geometry.... and vegetable peeling.

The film wastes no opportunity to frame a shot into a geometric angle or shape.

Cut to an inaudible conversation, filmed from 50 yards away for no reason other than to show off the surrounding modernism. Cut to vegetable peeling, silence.

Man standing sillouetted in window, silence.

Modernism, silence.

Cut to couple standing in the rain (silence, rainfall).

Cut to two people peeling vegetables, conversation inaudible. Silence.

Check each scene lasts exactly 15 seconds. Irritation. Silence.

Show unusual angle of glass building. Silence.

That's about the cut of it. If a screenplay exists it couldn't fill more than 2 sheets of A4.

I gave it 3 for the quality of the images. It is beautifully shot but it is not a documentary and the lack of a decent story made it boring.

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