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Anne Hathaway as Gloria
Dan Stevens as Tim
Jason Sudeikis as Oscar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leandro Brum Fonseca 4 / 10


1) OK. Hathaway is a drunk girl that screws up her life because she is drunk and has to come back to her home town and restart her life. Then she meets the other drunk, Sudeikis.

2) Were they ever drunk? I don't know, I couldn't tell, the actors were not showing when they were or weren't drunk... Were they always drunk, then?

3) She suddenly discovers she is korean Godzilla. And Sudeikis is korean Megazord.

4) When they are drunk, they like to go to the park, turn into Godzilla and Megazord and KILL koreans.

5) Is being drunk a reason, or an excuse, to mass murder south koreans?

6) I missed the part when Sudeikis' character starts turning evil... I mean, that's a good guy, gave Hathaway a job, knows her since always and BAM! Evil. "I'll drink and kill. Because I hate myself and want to kill korean people. Now."

7) "So you hate yourself, now I hate you too because you've always been evil (I forgot you were, but now I remember, you are so evil, a bad boy who hates himself, bad, bad) and I WILL KILL YOU! I will swap places with Godzilla, kill you, and live in South Korea, where a girl with a bad accent knows I speak English and starts speaking English with me for no reason!"

8) The end.


Reviewed by moroi-54570 8 / 10

Weird and captivating

So, i was hoping for a light comedy, but this movie took it to a whole new level. Starts inofensive and develops in a very weird, intriguing way.

This movie is NOT about monsters. It's a wonderful comentary about supreme power and how is corrupting people. It's about bad choices, and opressive leverage towards the weakear ones. Very weird done, but in a good way. A movie that is a mix of genres, very original and well made. Real food for the thaught.

P.S. this is not a movie for all. Not at all. But don't expect a comedy whatsoever.

Reviewed by terripinon 9 / 10

Stay Away From the Trailer

The trailer makes it out to be a Rom Com, when in actuality, it has a pretty dark storyline. The main character, Gloria, is dealing with alcoholism, unemployment, mental abuse and physical abuse from those closest to her. She finds out she has a monster within her created by similar emotional triggers as a child. The fact that she realizes that she can control it and control how that monster affects the world around her is what makes this an awesome film. You don't have to be ruled by your vices and troubles. Be strong, take control and just toss it!

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