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Pam Grier as Coffy
Sid Haig as Omar
Lyman Ward as Orderly
Allan Arbus as Arturo Vitroni
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ceejayred 7 / 10

1970s Sleaze Mixed with Solid Action

I picked up Coffy as part of a 2-movie set packaged with Friday Foster. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked Coffy.

Pam Grier is a strong female lead during a time when strong female leads were rare, especially in the blaxploitation era. She plays a nurse named Coffy who goes out on a revenge-driven killing spree of any and all scumbags involved in the drug trade in her city. Her baby sister was a victim of drug pushers, setting off her rage.

The violence is pretty standard for the genre, but there seems to be an undercurrent of sleaze, with women getting their tops torn off just for the hell of it. Director Jack Hill is a veteran of the genre and this is nothing new for one of his films.

A solid plot without many logic gaps, good action, with actors such as Sid Haig and Robert Doqui to support Grier in her efforts to come off as heroine amongst the sleaze.

Recommended for those who enjoy 70's styled sleazy action.

Reviewed by dworldeater 10 / 10

By far one of my favorites, Pam Grier's best work

As far as blaxsploitation movies or action movies with a female lead, Coffy is by far one of the best. Pam Grier sets the screen on fire as Coffy, a working class black woman(a nurse) who is on a mission to take down the drug syndicate due to her kid sister's life is ruined by drugs. Writer/director Jack Hill did not have the largest budget to work with. However, Coffy is actually a well made film with rich dialogue and is taken more seriously than a lot of films of this type during this period. The film is very entertaining as well with some tongue in cheek humor, action and serious boobage. To see Pam Grier's rack alone is worth the price of admission. Nonetheless, Pam's unique presence and performance here is second to none. She is a stunning dark skinned goddess that is equally capable of being seductive and kicking ass. Not knowing any martial arts, she uses her wits and her sexuality to dispatch her male adversaries and comes across very natural and convincing. Coffy, very much a vigilante film, predates Deathwish by a year. I think that this is equally as good as Michael Winner/Charles Bronson's classic. Also, frequent Pam Grier/Jack Hill collaborator Sid Haig makes a memorable appearance as an Armenian heavy. He also has great chemistry with Pam and appears again with her in Foxy Brown. Foxy Brown, also directed by Jack Hill is great as well. However, it is not quite as well made as this is and Coffy by far is Pam Grier's best film and essential watching for fans of 70's action cinema.

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 10 / 10

Pams' finest hour.

The lovely Blaxploitation legend Ms. Pam Grier lights up the screen in this classic of the genre. Written and directed by cult favorite director Jack Hill, it's got sex and violence aplenty, and moves with precision. The actors all do a fine job at bringing Hills' colorful dialogue to life. Viewers will groove to the eclectic score and songs by Roy Ayers, and be amused by those early 1970s fashions. There are some very memorable moments here, and an appreciable sense of humor to boot; this is trash of the highest order.

Pam plays the title character, a nurse whose younger sister fell victim to drugs. She's hellbent on punishing the people who put the girl in this situation, starting at the bottom and working her way up the chain. She must deal with a horny henchman (Sid Haig), a twisted Italian mobster (Allan Arbus), a cooler than cool pusher / pimp (Robert DoQui), and various hookers who distrust her presence when she charms her way into the pimps' stable.

Coffy is such a resourceful character (the razor blades in the wig is a superb gag), and so passionate, that you can't help but be on her side. Whenever she takes down a bad guy, it's a cheer-worthy moment. Hill establishes the tone early on when Coffy comes on to a pusher (Morris Buchanan) solely for the purpose of blasting his skull to kingdom come. And when she doles out the final punishment in the picture, it simply brings down the house. Pam and her sexy female co-stars dutifully show off their T & A for the sake of a good show.

And what a hell of a cast. Pam is ably supported by Booker Bradshaw as her politician boyfriend, Elliott as the well meaning cop Carter, Barry Cahill as the crooked cop McHenry, Lee de Broux, John Perak, and Ray Young as assorted bad guys, Carol Locatell as information providing prostitute Priscilla, and Linda Haynes as the resentful Meg. Bob Minor, Lyman Ward, and Ron Gans have small parts.

This is quintessential Pam Grier, and quintessential Blaxploitation. It delivers high style entertainment for an engaging hour and a half.

10 out of 10.

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