Code of Honor


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Steven Seagal as Robert Sikes
Helena Mattsson as Keri Green
Craig Sheffer as William Porter
Louis Mandylor as Detective James Peterson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10

Just a man with a plan

Vigilante Robert Sikes (Steven Seagal) is taking out the bad guys (standing by wall with 666 graffiti) , mostly with a sniper rifle. As the police investigate the carnage, Federal Agent William Porter (Craig Sheffer) helps the police with the identity of the sniper aka Richard Crenna style.

16 minutes into the film we are into the proverbial strip joint with a girl needing help. Sikes is like a ghost, he can disappear anywhere and blend in anywhere as long as everyone is wearing a Navy Peacoat, have a goatee and an Eddie Munster black dyed hair-do.

Seagal was lumbering again. Fast karate moves were done with him as a shadow so they could use a body double about half his size. Unlike other Seagal films( he didn't write this one) they attempt a small twist at the end. Okay, the cops thought there was a twist, but there wasn't really a twist.

Guide: Swearing and stripper nudity. 8 stars on the new adjusted goatee Eddie Munster Seagal scale. (Better than Sniper or that Asian thing.)

Reviewed by Lssah2006 1 / 10

Oh dear :(

The credits start to roll, it says, "Steven Seagal - Executive Producer" and I am already thinking I should probably turn it off. But I thought I'd give it a go anyway. Then I see that Steven is an actor in the movie too.....sigh....."I'll still give it a go I guess"

I should have gone with my gut feeling, it was awful. I remember the good 'ole days when Steven turned out a few good movies (Like 'Under Siege') but since then it's been one turd after another.

The movie is cheesy, flawed, utterly ridiculous and poorly acted....and that doesn't even cover the plethora of clichés either!

You know you are on a winner when the budget for the squibs was so low that they had to rely on SFX for the bullet hits (fyi, I use the term SFX incredibly loosely). I think I gave myself a migraine just from the eye rolling.

Everyone deserves a bravery award simply for making it to the end. It may not be the worst movie I have ever seen, but it's certainly up there!! How this got a score of 4 is a miracle - I am sure there is a minus symbol missing from the score

Waste an hour and 40 minutes watching paint dry instead.

Reviewed by Stephen Abell 7 / 10

Steven Seagal back to form.

To be clear, I am a Steven Seagal, fan - I even liked the albums he did with Thunderbolt and even caught him live (one of the best gigs I've been to) - controversial, HUH!!!

So you would think I like all his films... well I don't - there have been quite a few stinkers in his career. Code of Honor though doesn't give off too much of a stench. Though I do believe that Steven Seagal's name shouldn't be top billing as it's Craig Sheffer (who I've liked since Nightbreed) who is the star of the show and has more screen time.

The story revolves around a serial killer, Colonel Robert Sikes (portrayed by Seagal) who is intent on killing gang members, being judge and executioner all-in-one, and the FBI Agent sent to help out the police in apprehending him, William Porter (played by Sheffer).

Seagal gives his usual moody, dark, and brooding acting stereotype (you always know what you get in a Steven Seagal Movie) as the armed forces trained serial killer. No stretch there and I do think that he has his character wrote around his clichéd style.

Craig Sheffer, however, does a decent job of portraying a helpful agent pursuing his once army buddy come friend. Though something doesn't seem quite right about Agent Porter.

The story, written and directed by Michael Winnick, keeps a good pace, gives the viewer enough action to keep them entertained and a couple of twists that you don't see coming until they are revealed. As for the action, there's not a lot of martial arts in the movie and when there is you're not sure if Seagal is doing his own moves. There's a couple of knife-play scene's, though none come close to the sparks-flying speed spectacle of Under Siege. Most of the action is based around gunplay which allows for lots of head-shots, blood splatter, and oodles of blood mist. If you like a good body count film you'll like this.

If you like action films, you should like this as the story is pretty strong with a couple of twists, decent action and good direction. I recommend to all.

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