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Alanna Ubach as Mamá Imelda
John Ratzenberger as Juan Ortodoncia
Benjamin Bratt as Ernesto de la Cruz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Charliedog2015 10 / 10

Heartbreakingly beautiful. Surpasses Up and Inside Out

Coco is about Dias de las Muerte (Day of the Dead), family, family crises and musical passion. The posters have a boy and an adult skeleton capering through the afterlife. So you can know that upfront, Pixar is going to fully deal with the subject of death that it touched upon I UP and hinted at in the death of childhood innocence in Inside Out.

We were subtly forewarned that tissues would be needed. :)

It surpasses the other aforementioned masterpieces by being more relatable, drawing on family restrictions and prohibitions (e.g. "there will be no X in this family!" X being "instead whatever has caused pain to a family member in the past". Pick your poison my reader). It surpasses them in making death tolerable. It reminds us that we should be mindful and respectful of all those who went before us. Most of all it taps on the shoulder and whispers that the temporal, the world we live in, in just as important as the next one and we should strive to keep family bonds strong. For when we're at the end of our rope, who else is there to pull us up?

Did I mention bring Kleenex? A full box. Even hard core macho men are driven to quiet sobs and immediate phone calls to mothers and fathers telling them "mama, I miss you."


Reviewed by Neil Welch 10 / 10

Succeeds on all levels

Music is banned in Miguel's household after his musical great-grandfather abandoned his great-grandmother and her young daughter. On Mexico's Day Of The Dead festival, a convoluted series of events sees Miguel transported to the Land of the Dead, where he discovers that the dead disappear when no-one remembers them. He also discovers that unless he returns to the land of the living by dawn, he will join the dead. And there are problems ahead!

The story here is very artificially structured, with all sorts of bits and pieces present s that a predetermined trail of events can be created. But you never notice that, so natural is the narrative flow.

This film is highly original, full of truly gorgeous visuals, lovely songs, delightful characters, and touching resolutions to several individual story threads. And yet it appeared in the UK with no publicity, trailers, or warnings whatsoever, and my local multiscreen didn't even get it in 3D despite the fact that it is clear that the 3D would be dazzling.

This is as good as any Pixar film over the last several years, and better than most.

Reviewed by archiewheeler 10 / 10

Pixar has created a masterpiece of cinema

I'm no critic, but Coco is close to movie perfection. It definitely deserved the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, no doubt, and is by far the best animated movie ever created. The visuals are stunning, the characters are fantastic, the twist is somewhat predictable but still great, and the story is so touching. This is the best film I have ever seen, over Shawshank, over The Godfather, over The Matrix; this film is a godlike creation from the very, very best of cinema. Do not be fooled by the haters who say it is a poor portrayal of a tradition; the tradition is likely far more beautiful in Coco than in real life. Fantastic, I am blown away.

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