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Sylvester Stallone as Lieutenant Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti
Brian Thompson as Night Slasher
Ron Jeremy as Extra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fluke_Skywalker 5 / 10

Lacks bite

When a cult begins committing a rash of murders, the LAPD are forced to turn to one of their detectives who goes to the very edge of the law and beyond.

Clocking in at just under 90 minutes, Cobra is a movie with even less fat than its famously muscled star. Essentially a Dirty Harry for the 80s, it features the standard "The law isn't always justice" cop who shows his milquetoast superiors how it's done. Stallone awkwardly tries to graft a sarcastic edge to his match chewing, sunglasses wearing monosyllabic avatar, but the quips fall flatter than a 14th century globe. Paired with wife Brigitte Nielsen--who's not exactly Meryl Streep, but better than you'd think--he scowls and shoots his way to the final showdown with the main villain, played with an unnerving intensity by Brian Thompson (you may not know the name, but you know the face). Honestly he's the best thing about the movie, and I only wish there'd been more of him.

Reviewed by gorf 5 / 10

The Cobra: Darwin's Death Dealers

It's sad that Cobra is so darn violent, because it has a lot of good stuff in it, stuff like:

1. How Cobra feels like something out of an old pulp magazine, like The Spider. The tough vigilante gunslinger dressed in black, a secret society of villains that are pure evil, helpless police, a super-fast car, a damsel in distress. It's a low budget movie that feels so big and epic. "Cobra" even sounds like the title of a pulp magazine. If you changed a few things, this could have been a pretty good Spider movie.

2. The villains are scary, and believable. A secret society based on Darwinian principles. One can easily imagine a group of psychopaths inspired by someone like Richard Dawkins or Peter Singer kill off of people they deem "weak". And Brian Thompson is great as the boss. Almost makes me forget his role in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

3. Robert Tepper's music sets the mood.

4. Stallone as Cobra. He's a tough guy with a heart of gold. It's amazing that they didn't make more movies about this character. The matchstick, the sunglasses...he's so cool and tough that it becomes hilarious.

5. Surprisingly, no unnecessary sex scenes/nudity.

There is, however, some disturbing references to sexual violence, and the movie is pretty violent and gritty. I know, I's an action movie where Rambo fights a gang of dangerous serial killers, but still. It is possible to make dark and gritty movies without all of the gory violence. And then there's the language. Had they toned it down a bit, I would have liked it much better.

But, for all it's faults, I'll admit that Cobra still is a pretty exciting movie. A combination of pulse pounding action and chilling horror. If you like pulp magazines, you will probably like Cobra. And if you like Cobra, maybe you should check out some pulps?

Reviewed by Stephen Bird 10 / 10

Clean up on aisle... COBRA!!

There's nothing fancy about Cobra, it's a down and dirty action flick from the best era of action films period!

Sylvester Stallone + 1980's = epic!

Cobra came along at the right time and thank God it did, unlike the films of today that have to be polished and conform to strict guidelines, Cobra made up its own rules and did whatever the Hell it wanted.

It's cool without really trying at all, Stallone is slick and his appearance oozes machismo, his black mop of hair, the sunglasses that are more manly than anything you see in modern action films, his no nonsense attitude, man he'll kick your ass for just looking at him wrong, the plot is simple but oh boy does it work!

The opening scene and the action within sets the tone and you know exactly what to expect from Cobra thereafter, a lone gunman walks into a supermarket, without warning or clear motive he begins to shoot up the place...

...In steps Marion Cobretti, more commonly known as Cobra, without breaking a sweat he immediately puts the scarers into the gunman before taking him down like a pro, awesome.

What follows is a simple story of the police, plus Cobra, trying to take down a murderous cult who's sole intention is to kill, as simple as that, nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, just some plain old bad guys doing some seriously weird bad guy stuff.

Personally I really enjoyed the car chase scene involving Cobra and a girl he has just rescued, Ingrid, chasing down the bad guys, again a simple car chase with some awesome, realistic stunts, like racing up and down a roller coaster of a road.

Aww breathe it in, when action films were seriously cool, if you intend to watch Cobra, remember one thing, just enjoy it, nothing more, don't analyse it, don't expect extravagance, this is pure action from a bygone era, OH the 80's!

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