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Reviewed by ecmelton-186-105049 8 / 10

The best Cobain focused documentary I've seen.

Some will complain that the documentary doesn't focus enough on Nirvana, and there's a very good reason for that. It's not a documentary about Nirvana; the film is intended to provide a more intimate look at Kurt Cobain as a person and provide insight into his more private and guarded moments. In that respect it is pretty successful. Nirvana's history is very well publicised, and the film assumes it's viewers are already fans that know a lot about the band (Why else would you watch a movie about the band's frontman?)

The films biggest selling point is that for the first time a director had the full cooperation of Cobain's family and access to the archive of materials he left behind, much of it had never been seen by the public eye before. These include home movies dating back to him as baby, behind the scene footage, and audio recordings. There is also going to be a companion book dedicated to never before seen photos and other materials that were unearthed. Unfortunately, it's not as exciting as it sounds. There may have been information I had never heard before, but none of it was surprising or profound. It all falls in line with what you would expect if you knew anything about Kurt going in. (I'm sure some people will disagree and say they found it shocking, but I didn't.) That being said the archival materials were well utilized and had a good presentation that fit into the story that was being told. It was nice to see them even if it was an over- hyped aspect of the movie.

From a technical standpoint the film really is a marvel. The animated transitions were a great way to incorporate the drawings and doodles that littered Kurt's notebooks. There are also scenes featuring puppetry and stop motion that are also inspired by his art and/or song lyrics. These are all really cool and actually provide more insight to his artistic style and writing process than you would think.

Additionally, several segments are entirely animated, and they look beautiful. Doing this is much more captivating than just just showing people talk about events or have a voice-over with a slideshow of pictures. It was a very good choice, and adds a lot to the viewing experience.

The film's soundtrack features live Nirvana recordings, covers and remixes, as well as music by other artist that fit the scenes, such as the Buddy Holly song that plays over his parents home movies from the '60s. This is well executed and I particularly love the violin rendition of "Smell Like Teen Spirit" that was used to mimic an orchestral score in the longest animated sequence.

Overall the film is an energetic and seemingly honest look at Kurt Cobain and the man he was. It was well made, entertaining, and a worthwhile documentary that stands head and shoulders above any other documentaries about him.

Reviewed by John M Joseph 8 / 10

The best Kurt Cobain Documentary yet!

I think this piece of work being produced by Frances Bean Cobain is the best film I have seen on Kurt yet. It really shows how different he was, how Courtney seemed to be the downfall of it all in my opinion. I love the illustrations along with his recorded audio. Kurt to this day is such an iconic rock star but remains such a mystery. Krist (Nirvana bass player) really gives some intuitive insight too. My only griped is that Dave Grohl (Drummer of Nirvana) was not in interviewed. Kurt was such an influential piece of the grunge sound and really the face of it all. A must watch!

Reviewed by dierregi 3 / 10

Unsatisfactory - but not surprisingly - "authorised version"

I watched this "documentary" without any preconceived ideas about Cobain and Nirvana. I know their music and about Cobain's death, but I followed their story from a distance.

The documentary is unsatisfactory, mostly because of the uneven pace, the length and the feeling that the people involved just tried to justify themselves.

The story stars slow, with some sweet (and heartbreaking) footage of baby Kurt, interspersed with interviews with his mother, father and stepmother. I knew little about Cobain's life, but I had the impression the three of them tried to justify their actions even before they mentioned that in his teenage years Kurt was shipped back and forward in his family circle, because he was "difficult". His dad and stepmother looked weird, while his mother looked like an older version of Courtney Love (not a compliment).

The story includes animated parts of Kurt's journals, photos, artwork, home movies and even some animated "reconstruction" of moments in Kurt's life.The technique is interesting, but there is way too much of it, especially the animated journal, showing the handwritten words forming very quickly. It is a non-stop struggle trying to read the text. Also, most of Cobain's artwork is quite violent and depressing.

When it reaches the point of Cobain living with girlfriend Tracy and then forming Nirvana, the pace of the story changes. Enter Courtney Love and the rest is basically about her.

We're shown plenty of home movies, with the allegedly happy couple in various stages of undress, looking filthy and living in squalor. Then more footage with baby Frances, in the same settings and nudity, with an increasingly emaciated Cobain and Love showing her tits. As mentioned by another reviewer, that was totally irrelevant, since I wanted to know Cobain's story and cared nothing about Love's tits.

With the hijack of Courtney Love, the story takes a turn for the worse and seems to drag on forever. Love also does a lot of justifying, especially about the notorious Vanity Fair interview. She admits to using heroin while pregnant, as if it is perfectly normal. Dave Grohl is not interviewed, while Novoselic gives a couple of anodyne statements. The end is quite abrupt and leaves out the final weeks. I guess a touchy topic for the widowÂ….

Whatever happened, Cobain seemed sensitive, artistic and fragile man, certainly not a happy guy. He had the misfortune of growing up in a chaotic family and falling for the wrong woman. Some say that life is the narrative we tell ourselves about the events that happened to us. Unfortunately Cobain told himself a sad, violent and ultimately tragic story.

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