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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 3 / 10

The tears of a clown.......

Whilst on their way to a concert, four friends get sidetracked and stranded in a seemingly abandoned town.

Whilst looking for help, they find themselves stalked and terrorised by a gang of violent clown dressed psychopaths, who will stop at nothing ensnaring them into their sinister blood thirsty games......

Clowns can be scary can't they?

Arguably the scariest of all clowns is Pennywise, as he is literally the stuff made of nightmares. Then the Killer Klowns, whilst not the scariest clowns to grace small screen, have gained notoriety because the film is just so much fun.

But then Sam Rockwell could argue that the awful Clownhouse is the scariest thing for him.......knowing its on his C.V.

This has all the right ingredients for a decent horror come stalk and slash, but the end result is just a boring film that tries to hard to be an amalgamation of the later Friday films and a Rob Zombie film.

So once the main narrative of the film commences (second act, always when one of the protagonists sees something overly bizarre), it's just so formulaic, and so lethargic, you are willing the clowns to walk just that little fast, kill the stupid kids and let the film just finish.

So we are 'treated' to a wealth of horror film tropes, killers walking slowly and always getting who they want, protagonists making silly decisions that have been made since the late seventies, and the old man, who comes out of nowhere, who has never been harmed and should have minded his own business.

It's pretty poor stuff,many horror fan would have seen this film dozens of times before, and not have let themselves get drawn in by the predictable decent DVD cover art.

But fair dues, every once in a while, there is a little gem amongst the dirge and the filth, and sadly this isn't one of them.

Borrowing from too many better horror films is always a mistake, because you remember just how good those were, whilst suffering this rubbish.

Don't bother.

Reviewed by dixsynormous 1 / 10

Couldn't do it.

In the beginning a group of 4 people are asking directions while one is holding a map. I thought, what year is this supposed to be set? Don't they have a GPS or google maps or something? Then about 5 minutes later while on the road, the driver notices they need petrol/gas. His girlfriend says something like 'let me check my phone to see if I can find a gas station'. I could see where this was going and stopped watching.

Reviewed by OtwoD 4 / 10

Every cliché in the book.

Before watching it, I knew nothing about this movie. Just that people who liked movies I watched had liked it. I guess I was expecting it to be a Troma-type low budget gore fest but it was more, and somehow less at the same time. It had the look and feel of a big budget movie but the script and acting of a movie made by children. While they managed to get the hot girl naked and murdered before the opening credits, it wasn't so good after that. At one point a girl loses her phone. After driving for a long time they decide to call her phone and the guy who answers tells them to keep driving and make the next left and he will meet them there. And they do it! One thing that distinguished this from a Troma flick was the distinct lack of gore. We see the hot girl get killed by a machete that doesn't even cut through her shirt and then later we see one bloodless stabbing. Overall I'd have to say this movie is very average for the genre. Definitely worth watching once.

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