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Lizzy Caplan as Marlena Diamond
Jessica Lucas as Lily Ford
Odette Annable as Beth McIntyre
Ben Feldman as Travis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brc23 1 / 10

Duped by Excellent Marketing

I have to hand it to JJ Abrams....we fell for this flick hook line and sinker.

The only downside is it COMPLETELY lacked substance. There was NO story. We went to see a monster movie only to find out NOTHING...I mean NOTHING about it. It was about stupid people who were unwilling to leave the city...and then were killed. Big deal.

In the end you didn't know how the monster got there, if they actually killed it, what it's powers were, what the little monsters were, where it came from, what it never even got to see the entire shape of it or the use of all it's body parts.

It is the only movie I have ever wanted to walk out of. I just kept waiting for it to get better.

If Abrams ends Lost this way the world is going to come unglued!!!!!

Reviewed by David Anderson 1 / 10


It appears that the writers had the idea of the Statue of Liberty having its head roll down a street and then struggled like crazy to pad the rest of the movie. Hence it is extremely short and extremely bad.

The storyline that drives the characters within spitting distance of the monster at every opportunity is flimsy at best and to be honest, even though it is a movie about a monster terrorising a city it's the small things in it that make it most unbelievable. The fact that the guy talks the military into letting him risk his life (for a girl he slept with once by the way!), the exploding people, the fact that you can abuse a camera so badly and still have it work, the fact that you can buy a phone battery in a shop and not have to charge it before use, the convenient buildings propping each other up allowing for a daring rescue, the immense healing capabilities of the main characters who survive impalement and a crashing helicopter with barely a scratch, carrying the camera incessantly throughout this whole 'terrifying' ordeal, the stare out between monster and camera man at the end. I could go on but its making me feel ill thinking about this movie so much, so soon after seeing it.

The fact that you can barely make out what is going on doesn't help either. I think it was meant to add grit and suspense to the film, only giving you fleeting glimpses of the monster, but in the end it just helps to tarnish this train wreck of a movie even further by making sure its a blurred mess.

I left the cinema feeling cheated of my money. If it wasn't by J.J. Abrahms and the viral marketing didn't happen this film would have went largely unnoticed and would have been barely memorable. Its carrying mostly on the crest of Abrahms 'Lost' wave but anyone with a little bit of common sense and their rose tinted Lost spectacles removed can see how much of a weak movie this is.


Reviewed by stratus_phere 4 / 10

No More Found Footage!

I'm not democrat or republican. But I'll vote for any party that promises to outlaw found footage movies. I'll dig up my uncle Louie and have him vote too if they also promise to outlaw shaky cam.

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