Closet Monster


Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
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Connor Jessup as Oscar Madly
Jack Fulton as Young Oscar
Aaron Abrams as Peter Madly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MonsterVision99 9 / 10

A beautiful and engaging film.

"Closet Monster", directed by Stephen Dunn, its beautiful, engaging, passionate and delightful. A true marvel, and a great experience.

The film tells the story of Oscar (wonderfully played by Connor Jessup), a teenager who deals with many problems in his life, most notably his parents divorce, which leaves him living with his father, Peter (played by Aaron Abrams), who is not always kind to Oscar, in fact, he often makes life for Oscar a notch harder, Oscar is an innocent guy, but hes not naive, hes kind and respectful, but not overly so, he's a little bit of an asshole sometimes, but not to the point where he becomes unlikable, he feels, looks and sounds like a real person, flawed, but real. Dunn captures the anguish and awkwardness of a teenager quite well, by the time the film was over I felt as I have been knowing Oscar for all my life.

I don't dare myself to classify this film as a "gay movie" because the film doesn't classify itself as such, it just its what it is, it's unique. The film tells the viewer to don't look for a place to fit, look for a place where you can be yourself, whether you have to be with your family, or with your friends, or even by yourself, its not of importance.

I found myself quite saddened by this film, I shed tears at the moment Oscar said to his mom "Am I a bad person?" as I realized that I myself have asked that question to myself before, for the same reasons Oscar did. Oscar is a lonely person, and an anguish one too, but he manages to find a comfortable place where he can be himself.

Definitely recommended, a magnificent film.

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 7 / 10

One thing one can't say about this movie is that it's typical.

A pretty unique film, which is rarely seen in films these days.

I can't say too much about the film because it's sort of a mystery, wrapped around a coming of age drama story with some horror elements here and there to spice things up and on top of all that add on a talking hamster.

If I was to compare it with some other movies I would say something like a mix of Mysterious Skin meets The Perks Of Being A Wallflower meets Donnie Darko, now while it isn't as great as those said films it isn't too far off either, it is a competent piece of filmmaking by it's own merit.

And well acted all across the board.

Might bump the rating up on the rewatch but we will see, 7 is still a solid rating coming from me.

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 7 / 10

Surprisingly effective

This is a gay based drama about a boy, Oscar (played as a grown up by Connor Jessup of 'Falling Skies' fame). He has had a childhood that few would be envious of. We see some of that childhood and then move on to when he is all grown up and longing to leave his hometown and go to art school – preferably in New York.

He is a creative and gifted soul who has a best friend in Gemma (Sofia Banzhaf who I love as she was in a 'Belle and Sebastian' video; the stupendous Scottish band)– he also talks to his hamster who is more than happy to reciprocate. He has got to the age where he no longer knows where the boundaries are or moreover he no longer agrees with them in any case. He is also trying to cope with his burgeoning sexuality and the attitudes of orthodox heterosexuality and casual and actual homophobia that have plagued him since boyhood.

Now this is a film where the themes are more universal and the parents and home issues are also ones that many will empathise with. Jessup plays the role really well and is completely convincing, but he is ably supported, especially from Aaron Abrams ('Hannibal') playing his father; that said all players here are up to muster. It is also a charming film and steers clear of the sensational side of drama to keep both feet as firmly as possible in the realms of reality (talking hamster aside that is); which I very much appreciated. This is a thoughtful, well made, acted, directed and scripted film with enough going on to keep you hooked and some good, every day humour to show its human side – so very much recommended.

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