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Reviewed by HotToastyRag 1 / 10

Inappropriate and overrated

If all films were like Closer, I'd never go to the movies again. As it is, it's a film adaptation of Patrick Marber's play, and this is the type of play that gives theatre a bad name. Marber writes in a style that "serious philosophers" will probably find very deep, but I couldn't stand it. I don't think talking about sexual details with total strangers is deep. I don't think it's deep to assert the idea that technology which is supposed to bring us "closer" actually distances us so much so that two men could accidentally have cyber-sex without knowing the gender on the other side of the screen.

Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen, and Natalie Portman are the key players in the film, each torn between two lovers. Anyone who is past their teens knows sex isn't the way to get to know a person, but in this film, the characters think jumping into bed or having extremely frank, inappropriate discussions about sex means they're getting "closer". It's not deep, it's not interesting, and it's not even well-acted. Clive and Natalie were nominated for Supporting Oscars, but I don't know why. Natalie prances around a stripper pole in a pink wig and a thong, so I can only imagine members of the Academy were distracted. I don't think showing nudity means the same thing as showing talent, but time and time again the Academy nominates women for baring their bodies.

Teenaged boys will probably love this movie. Everyone else can, and probably should, skip it.

Kiddy warning: Obviously, you have control over your own children. However, due to strong sexual content, I wouldn't let my kids watch it.

Reviewed by atlasmb 8 / 10

In The Name Of Truth

"Closer" is a film that inescapably feels like a work by David Mamet. It is very wordy. The characters speak their feelings and their words feel important, rife with both surface and underground content. As such, the film is not for everyone. Its stylized conversations can feel artificial, though they are revealing and they honor truth above all else. Patrick Marber crafted the play and this adaptation.

As the film follows its characters in and out of relationships, it puts truth on a pedestal, sacrifices its participants on the altar of truth, extracts from them glimpses into the true nature of man and woman.

The cast features Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and Clive Owen. Who could ask for more? They play four people of principle, who can change course on an emotional dime. Still, games are played between them, trying to save themselves or others from cruel truths. And the truths are always there to be seen if one is watching closely. Director Mike Nichols gives us an unvarnished look into the eyes of his cast.

All four protagonists are sadists and masochists, punishing themselves for their perceived sins, punishing each other as well, perhaps as another means of punishing themselves. Natalie Portman's Alice is a real heartbreaker, calling on the slave (to beauty) and the savior in all of us.

I am rating this film a "8", but I know I will eventually see it multiple times and I expect that grade to increase as its meanings reveal themselves to me. In the service of honesty, I must declare it.

Reviewed by StephanieMMiller17 10 / 10

Raw and Unfiltered

I love this film for the real, raw emotion of each character's relationship and interaction with each other as the dynamics morph and change over time. There is a continual cat and mouse game that always leaves you guessing as to how much another character knows of their lover. The unfiltered dialogue in how modern relationships play out in today's society I feel has rarely been shown in mainstream films prior to this movie's arrival and it is refreshing. I also love the psychology behind each of the characters, their past and how it interacts with each decision they make regarding their love interest (or desires) in the present. There is a dark melancholy humor throughout the movie which plays wonderfully with the mood shifts of each role, and the soundtrack is spot on with each adaptation as well. Brilliantly acted on all parts.

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