Close Range


Action / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
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Scott Adkins as Colton MacReady
Caitlin Keats as Angela Reynolds
Nick Chinlund as Sheriff Jasper Calloway
Scott Evans as Deputy Logan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

We all make drugs

This film starts out like a Liam Neeson film ends...young girl getting rescued from bad guys. In this case it is the Mexican Cartel and the girl is his niece (Madison Lawlor). Colton MacReady (Scott Adkins) is ex-special services and some sort of lone wolf who managed to rescue his niece. Her step-dad is involved with the cartel as is the local sheriff (Nick Chinlund). The plot basically has no twists or real imagination. It is not hard to figure out where the story leads. The film is done grindhouse western style. The drawn out climax scene was laughable. I didn't know if it was meant to be serious or they were spoofing western showdowns. The dialogue lacked classic lines and the acting left something to be desired. It needed Danny Trejo. Maybe the next one.

Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by Comeuppance Reviews 7 / 10

Unpretentious, audience-pleasing fun.

When Colt MacReady (Adkins) rescues his niece Hailey (Lawlor) from imprisonment by an evil drug cartel, and kills a bunch of her captors in the process, the remaining baddies cross the Mexican border into America to come find him and get revenge. The cartel also wants back a flash drive that Colt has, so they lay siege to the house of Colt's sister Angela (Keats). Colt goes all out, and falls back on his skills as a former soldier to keep them alive throughout the ordeal. They won't be getting help from any of the local authorities, since Sheriff Jasper Calloway (Chinlund) is corrupt and in bed with the bad guys. Will Colt single-handedly save his family from the murderous cartel? Find out today¬Ö Thank goodness for Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins. They are two of the last pillars holding up the concept of DTV action movies. Where would we be without them? Close Range is an entertaining and streamlined outing and another feather in their already well-plumed caps. While wags may complain that the plot is thin and the dialogue lacking, we would put it in a different light: nothing is overly complex and there is plenty of room for the main attraction, which are the action scenes. So many times there are overly-complex dramatic motivations and fat when there doesn't need to be any. Close Range dispenses with most of this and gives the fans what they want: thrilling and well-choreographed fight and action scenes.

The whole movie opens with a bang and there's plenty more where that came from. Fan favorite Adkins more than makes up for the lackluster El Gringo (2012), with this follow-up south-of-the-border tale. Shootouts, car chases, and fights ensue, but as we always say, we're more fans of Martial Arts skill than gunplay, and of course there's plenty of that too. In this post-The Raid (2011) and The Raid 2 (2014) world, not to mention Ong-Bak (2003) or The Protector (2005), fight scenes have become more "open", and Florentine has taken this cue. Even the fact that the majority of the action takes place in one house is reminiscent of The Raid, as is the fact that the baddies get harder to beat as MacReady goes along. These are all good developments, by the way. Hopefully Florentine and/or Adkins will take these themes and run with them in the future.

It's all very well-lit and we loved the fact that you could see everything clearly. The Adkins fight scenes are the undoubted highlight here, and they don't disappoint. In the 70's, bad guys looked for "the ledger", in the 80's/90's they looked for "the disc" and now in the present they look for "the flash drive". In this way, Close Range is very much in the tradition of B-action movies of yore, and the Sergio Leone touches only serve to reinforce the pleasantly retro vibe.

For unpretentious, audience-pleasing fun, look no further than Close Range.

Reviewed by disastrousdallas 8 / 10

Adkins and Florentine back at it again

Stepping away from there Collaborations on the 'Undisputed' and 'Ninja' series of films, Leading man Scott Adkins is once again in front of the camera whilst behind is Issac Florentine one of the best duos in the Direct to DVD syndicate.

Adkins plays Colt Macready a former military vet out to save his family thanks to a botched deal by his brother in law, Adkins steps away from his Martial arts background for 10% of his action scenes, whilst for the other 90% it's full on Adkins from what we've come to love and respect about his skill.

Once Again Issac Florentine proves that just because this may be B movie territory doesn't mean it has to look it, in fact you could mistake this film for a lower ended A movie, to the look and feel of the movie.

One of the main aspects of the film is of course the fight scenes which i'm happy to say are some of Adkins's best not as great as his work as Yuri Boyka in the Undisputed series but on par with his work in the Ninja Series.

Of course my biggest gripe with the film is how sadly it's mostly spoiled in the title sequence, but never the less is a great film.

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