Class of 1984


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 7501


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Michael J. Fox as Arthur
Roddy McDowall as Terry Corrigan
Perry King as Andrew Norris
Lisa Langlois as Patsy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 5 / 10

Do You Feel Rundown, Helpless?

Perry King is a music teacher in the kind of school found mostly in movies. Not that high school kids treat the physical plant or the teachers with any respect, but the kids here aren't just noisy, inattentive, and largely absent. They're demonic. There is a gang led by Timothy Van Patten. They dress in black leather adorned with chrome knobs and plates and they've spray painted every available surface with graffiti. On top of that, they're arrogant, use swear words in class, mock ordinary students, hang out in louche dives, and wear white after Labor Day.

Perry King has a tough job ahead of him. He objects to their behavior, complains to the principle and the police. Even when he sees the naughty kids burn his car, there's nothing the authorities can do. He's helpless.

They beat the crap out of King several times and frame him for assault, but it isn't until they gang bang and kidnap his wife that he gets really annoyed. What happens next shouldn't happen to the most impudent sophomore.

Reviewed by rriverarivera-98593 10 / 10

Great movie

When I first watched this film I was quite amazed at the level of disobedience and violence in the film. But upon finishing it I realized that this film was a masterpiece. Perry King does a great job as Mr.Norris while Timothy Van Patten does his role great as stegman. The film captures the early 80s atmosphere quite well.The beginning intro done by Alice cooper gives a glimpse into the darkness of the punk scene that is present in the film. I have to say that the scene where Mr.Norris wreckes Stegamans car never gets old as it shows a man willing to go to extremes to even out with his enemies despite putting his and his wife's life on the line. When Mr.Norris finally gets rid of stegman and his crew it was one of the moments I cheered for him as he had enough of their control over the school. I would highly recommend to anyone who has the time to spare for this masterpiece.

Reviewed by Adam Baehr 10 / 10

A Cult Classic For The Ages.

Holy Smokes. I will start off by saying that I just finished watching this movie today for the first time and I fell in love. I'm reviewing this film from the perspective that this is a cult classic film through and through and so I shall begin. The story is about a teacher who gets a job at a school that is known to be full of gangs and a plethora of other misfits. He then starts to have trouble with the main school gang which are basic Neo-Nazi punks. The story is simplistic but does the job. The acting was great for a film that was made in 1982 not that there were not a ton of phenomenal actors back then either to say. The teacher Mr.Norris played by Perry King is Outstanding and the other highlight is his enemy Peter Stegman played by Timothy Van Patten who was truly mesmerizing. The other actors and actresses did a great job as well. The action was Awesome. The choreography could be a little off at times but for the times and the budget it was working with I thought the director Mark Lester did an Incredible job. The deaths were very cool and overall they did a killer job. No pun intended. The cinematography and location were excellent. The crew did a terrific job of shadowing over what a crime ridden school would look like along with the town it was surrounded by in the film. I will close by saying that this is a Must-Watch film if you're a fan of films such as "A Clockwork Orange" and also "The Warriors" and films that represent warnings on what our future's could look like if left in the hands of madmen. The film can be graphic at times but none of it phased me because I have seen a lot worse but just a forewarning. Please don't be deterred from watching this Absolutely Astounding film.

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