Clash of the Titans


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Alexa Davalos as Andromeda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by masercot 2 / 10

The Clash is with the Original Story

The producers of Clash of the Titans brought the story of Perseus to a place it has never been to, then told it to get out of the car and walk home. It was definitely no more brutal than being hit in the face with a bag of bronze statues; moreover, it was more interesting than the instructions that come with a hair brush.

Fortunately, the story doesn't diverge from the original myth until a good sixty seconds in. Perseus and his mother are found in a box set to the mercy of the sea. So, what motivates Perseus to go on his famous quest to behead the Medusa and kill the sea monster? Why, revenge o' course! The gods killed his family with some sort of ship seeking death ray made out of dirt. Specifically, Hades, the evil death god, killed Perseus' family.

Forget that Hades was no more evil than any other Olympian god. The producers of Clash of the Titans felt that its target audience, retarded chimpanzees waiting out a rain storm, would be confused. Also, the original motive for Perseus adventure would've actually required over fifteen seconds to relate; too much time for today's busy, rain-fearing simian. Perseus swims away from his dead family with a hatred for all the gods, effectively silencing any fundamentalists who caught wind of the production...

Did I mention Liam Neeson plays Zeus? I'm pretty sure I didn't. He looks pretty embarrassed to be a part of the movie; it almost looks as if there is a professional negotiator, just off camera, in case the actor loses his nerve. Fortunately for Liam, after a barrage of giant scorpions, aliens(?), black Pegasus and a Perseus who looks more like a United States Marine than an ancient Greek, Zeus is pretty much forgotten.

And, the effects! A Medusa that seems to have stepped right out of Sim Life; an incongruous sea monster that belongs in a Freaky's cereal commercial (Note: Please bring Freaky's back); and, CGI death and stoning that could've definitely been produced on my son's Macintosh.

Ray Harryhausen's silly version of this movie looks like a masterpiece in comparison...

Reviewed by nilen-51573 4 / 10

Just forgettable

When it comes to movies for me its always small details that either win me over or make me dislike a movie. This movie is not that interesting and kind of forgettable, but I remember a few details that made me really dislike the movie because it made no sense. The king has no soldiers left to he sends the old and the young on this dangerous mission. But when the city is about to be destroyed you see the king running around with a few soldiers that looks awesome and not old or young, but like regular soldiers. Why did these not go with the others on the mission? Seems like they could have done a lot to help it. But maybe they where not that great because they did not protect the king from getting stabbed. For that matter it is known that the city will be destroyed if not the mission is completed and that the mission will possible, if not probably fail. Why has no one in the city left it? Everyone seems surprised and unprepared when it starts to fall. These where a few details which I really disliked.

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 6 / 10

Mildly amusing at best.

This modern day remake of the 1981 fantasy favorite is at least somewhat faithful to its storyline. It spins a yarn based on Greek mythology, when mankind is sick and tired of the tyranny of gods such as all-powerful Zeus (who else but Liam Neeson). Perseus (stone faced Aussie hunk Sam Worthington) is the young hero of the piece, sired by Zeus with a mortal woman. Perseus actually has no desire to live the life of a god, but finds himself drawn into a quest. He and others will journey to the land of the Stygian witches to learn how the monstrous Kraken can possibly be destroyed. At stake is the land of Argos.

From the beginning, it appeared to this viewer that the main reason this movie existed was to swap the charming stop motion animation of legendary special effects man Ray Harryhausen for cutting edge CGI. It's more of a grandiose technical achievement than a story well told, really. Director Louis Leterrier rarely gives us a chance to breathe. Granted, some of the action set pieces are intense, but they also tend to be incoherent at times. The digital effects are variable: the scorpions are pretty cool, but the Kraken, quite frankly, is a washout despite the attempts to convey its immense size. The venture into Medusas' lair should have been a better set piece, but she doesn't come off all that well either. And it's much too bad that Pegasus (referred to here as "the" Pegasus) has such a small role to play. The taming of this winged horse was a much more substantial sequence in the original movie. Impressive location shooting (in such places as Ethiopia and the Canary Islands) and thunderous music by Ramin Djawadi can't do a lot to make this version stand out in any way.

Like the visual effects, acting is variable from the usually excellent international cast. "Clash of the Titans" 2010 can boast such players as Jason Flemyng, Alexa Davalos, Mads Mikkelsen, Izabella Miko, Liam Cunningham, Nicholas Hoult, Polly Walker, Pete Postlethwaite, Elizabeth McGovern, Alexander Siddig, and Danny Huston. Most of the cast isn't given that much to work with, but the beautiful Gemma Arterton, and a heavily made up Ralph Fiennes, offer standout performances. She plays the wise guiding spirit in Perseus' life, while he plays the vengeful antagonist of the piece: Hades, dark lord of the underworld.

Overall, this is passable entertainment, but it's also awfully forgettable.

Look for a cameo from one of the Harryhausen creations of 1981.

Six out of 10.

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