Citizen Kane


Action / Drama / Mystery

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Orson Welles as Kane
Agnes Moorehead as Mary Kane
Alan Ladd as Reporter Smoking Pipe at End
Joseph Cotten as Jedediah Leland
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teslacoil-54245 10 / 10

A Column

Citizen Kane. The name stands like a monolith. And, like a monolith, it isn't very interesting from far away. But once you get up close to it, and see all the cracks and runs and patterns in the rock, then it becomes interesting. Orson Welles used his experience in audio from his radio career to mike up scenes that were never thought possible to mike up. With his film came the idea of a closed-in, lifelike room, rather than the tall, almost infinite ceilings that dominated before.

Kane introduced so many techniques that are still used today, dynamic shots being one of them. It isn't the fastest, the most gripping, the most heart-stopping (except for that one outstandingly sudden parrot), nor is it the most compelling. It's somewhat like a Doric column in this sense. But, when all the other films that get rave reviews have collapsed, this Doric column of film will still be standing strong, and will continue to stand in the centuries to come.

Plus, how many other films can you name where they tell the story after the main character died?

Reviewed by philipposx-12290 10 / 10

Overrated? Not. One. Bit!

I am getting tired of people complaining over and over again. Saying that "Citizen Kane" is just a good movie, but over rated because of the impact it made and the new technologies and the camera work and the non linear plot, Bla Bla Bla. Well, of course "Citizen Kane" made one hell of an impact. In fact, it's still considered the best movie of all time (up there with 1972's The Godfather) and although it's not my favorite movie of all time (coming close to), calling it so is definitely justified.

Where do I begin? Yes. The camera work is ingenious. Do you really believe that this movie was shot around the 40's? The moving camera, use of so many different angles, positions, directions and the clever lighting make "Citizen Kane" not just unique, but also immortal. It is a brilliant, masterful achievement in all regards of filmmaking. It didn't only revolutionize modern films, it invented them in some way. The non linear plot and use of so many call backs is just fascinating to watch.

But here is my point. Everybody agrees that "Citizen Kane" is a technical milestone and masterpiece but there really is much more to it. The storytelling is excellent as well and the plot is exciting (yes!) and compelling, just because you really want to know what "Rosebud" means. Like a puzzle (pun intended) the movie starts explaining the more you watch but it never fully ends with explaining the whole situation. Orson Welles delivery of the highly complex and deep "Charles Foster Kane" is excellent and who will ever forget the opening scene? After all, that's pretty much the most iconic shot in cinema history (up there with Bond.. James Bond from Dr. No).

*SPOILER* In the end, we finally get the reveal of what "Rosebud" is; But not completely. We know now what Rosebud literally is, but not really what it means. The most obvious interpretation is that Rosebud describes the importance of a childhood. It's breathtaking how deep and inexorable a missing childhood was for Charles Foster Kane. Although he achieved everything a man could ever dream of, he never fully loved his life. He never really felt home, connected to a person and that is what ultimately described the sad case of such a rich man.

There are few movies that really come close to the Greatness of "Citizen Kane". It is still one of the most sensational stories ever put to film and will remain so. 10/10.

Reviewed by amheretojudge 7 / 10

don't tell me you're sorry..

Citizen Kane

Depicting a marriage within few minutes or even a career of an entertainer represents a keen and devoting man behind the camera as it probably is the first time the cinema must have encountered a 'biography' genre film with such powerful sequence and fast paced acts. Citizen Kane is considered to be one of the few masterpieces ever to be set in cinema history but for me it doesn't quite works for I fail to connect it on the first instinct and the soul of it as its genre is something that I can't seem to understand but having said that I can definitely observe and appreciate the craft ensemble by the actors and projecting it majestically along with the writers and makers who are not only completely attentive to each and every frame of it but speaks the cinematic language through their work. And as its genre suggests and asks for, Orson hasn't let it down through out the course of it pushing Citizen Kane onto the major league with the help of a gripping screenplay, stellar performances and some nail biting sequences that genuinely oozes brutality and humanity in the characters.

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