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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matt-201 1 / 10

Final cannibalization of Edie

This might register as the most disturbing movie I've ever seen--and I've seen a lot of Italian cannibal movies. Edie Sedgwick, the most tragic (because most beautiful) of all contemporary tragic beauties, undergoes her last humiliation in this nightmarish fake-"underground" movie, which suggests the movie the Manson Family might have made if Sharon Tate hung around them for a few weeks. Rebounding from a stint in rehab, and a meteoric rise in the Warhol Factory world, "Susan" (Edie) frugs topless in her tent in the swimming pool behind Mummy's house, while a hitchhikin' hippie from Houston thinks in voiceover narration, "Maybe now I get me some poont!" For anyone nostalgic for the idealism of the Summer of Love, CIAO! MANHATTAN is essential viewing--its cold-blooded delectation of its terminal heroine makes old stoners like Dennis Hopper and Oliver Stone look like pantywaists. Why Sedgwick participated in this drooly, tabloid-voyeuristic cartoon of her steep decline is hard to imagine: Her famous beauty is in such staggering ruins that the filmmakers evilly pose her against a poster of her winsome debutante self to mark the damage. The experience of watching this movie resembles seeing a once-dewy ingenue dancing a jig for coal miners to buy a ten-dollar rock of crack.

Reviewed by emefay 2 / 10

Sad, so very, very sad

As Edie's biography here on IMDb says, she was in and out of institutions. It is clear that this woman-child was taken advantage of very callously by Andy Warhol and others, at first for her money, and later for her celebrity.

Ciao! Manhattan shocked and angered me when I first saw it in 1972, because I had known Edie. For several months in 1962, when she was in a very tony, low-security psychiatric institution in Westchester, I knew her as a sweet-natured, somewhat reticent, and very artistic 19-year-old. When I first met her I thought she was a 12-year-old child, as I was, for she was so thin and under-developed looking for her age. Seeing the way she is abused in Ciao! Manhattan just leaves me feeling very sad for her. She deserved better than this exploitation film.

As for the "Summer of Love" reference made by an earlier reviewer on IMDb, referring to the fact that this film was actually made partly in 1967, I do not think Ciao, Manhattan represents any of the genuine feelings of free expression and loving attitudes that were touted at the time. There is far too much cynicism inherent in this film to connect it in any way to the hippie happiness one could experience in pleasanter circles than that inhabited/created by the ghastly, selfish, mean-spirited, and self-involved Warhol. He used and threw away such gentle souls as Edie. I weep for the lost and under-appreciated life she led while under the influence of Warhol. In kinder company, she might have survived and been happier.

Ciao, Edie! You deserved better.

Reviewed by ksie_15241 6 / 10

Worth buying if you get the Anniversary DVD

This film is interesting only to anyone familiar with the saga of Edie Sedgwick. And it seems a bit ghoulish/voyeuristic to admit watching it for that reason. Although it's often claimed to be a biography of Edie, the film really is just a painful look at a person in the final stages of mental illness-drug addiction. She died soon after filming completed, which is no surprise.

The plot of Ciao is pretty garbled by the storyline involving the character Mr. Vedecchio. The director's commentary explains that Vedecchio was only added to the movie because during shooting the rest of the cast disappeared and there was nothing else to do but beef-up this role. In fact, the whole movie is a cut-and-paste of pre-meltdown Edie (black and white footage) and post-meltdown Edie (color), with Vedecchio and Paul America tossed into the mix. The color section also introduces Butch, the drifter from Texas, who does provide some much-needed comedy.

Although Ciao, Manhattan might not be particularly entertaining on its own, the DVD extras in the Anniversary package are wonderful, and to me made the disc worth purchasing. The directors' (and Butch/Wesley's!) commentary provides the story of how this movie "directed itself", and informs much about Edie and her state of mind during the last days of her life. There is quite a bit of extra footage from the Warhol-NYC days, and some terrific stills of Edie. A nice booklet is also included.

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