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John Slattery as Dwight Eisenhower
James Purefoy as King George VI
Ella Purnell as Helen Garrett
Miranda Richardson as Clementine Churchill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeremy Dent 2 / 10

Really poorly-researched and written

This is a shambolic mess of a film with a one-sided view of Churchill, factual inaccuracies and appalling errors. The scriptwriter obviously did not read Field Marshal Alanbrooke's diaries or the many biographies of Churchill.

Even basic military details were so wrong, it is farcical. Couldn't the budget stretch to a military adviser? Monty addressing 20 or so soldiers? He went round addressing brigades, thousands of soldiers at a time.

The way that the characters addressed each other, the salutations, the lack of an equerry for the King, no PPS for Churchill...all utter rubbish.

Reviewed by fb7-157-361672 1 / 10

An absolutely false representation of Winston Churchill

This is yet another attempt of a character assassination of Winston Churchill that we have seen the past years. One can only speculate why. Recent events in Europe and America could probably explain it.

Alex von Tunzelmann, the historian behind this tripe of a film obviously has a political interest in misleading the audience with a long series of historical falsehoods.

Eminent Churchill Historian Andrew Roberts says it best: "The only problem with the movie-written by the historian Alex von Tunzelmann-is that it gets absolutely everything wrong. Never in the course of movie-making have so many specious errors been made in so long a film by so few writers.

The major error of fact, of course, is that although Churchill did indeed oppose an over-hasty return of Allied forces to northwest France in 1942 and 1943, by the time of D-Day in 1944, he was completely committed to the operation."


Reviewed by anzadrozna 4 / 10

an anthem for authoritarianism?

A very big NO to this simplistic portrait of Churchill, who, in this creation, can be easily associated with other and more current authoritarian leaders who are emotionally unstable, despotic, rude, and manipulative. I find it interesting that this particular portrait has been created now when despotic leaders try to justify their position and decisions by claiming to defend and protect the nation. Quite dangerous approach if you miss a real complexity of the main character, who, unlike the current leaders, was much more complex and well educated. Another no goes to the shallow and flat dialogues, and purely developed characters. What was the role of the Churchil's writer? Was it really necessary to depict her through the prism of stereotypical fascination and the relationship of power? The only thing I liked about this movie is that it created the feeling of tension that grows when the war evolves, without really showing war. But some scenes felt unnecessarily pathetic.

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