Christmas Inheritance



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
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Eliza Taylor as Ellen Langford
Jake Lacy as Jake Collins
Andie MacDowell as Debbie Collins
Laura Miyata as Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 2 / 10

Totally unnecessary movie

There are some Christmas movies that you ask why did they bother to make another one? This one just has nothing new to say. Waiting for something different to happen or something to distinguish it from the others but nothing came. A rich girl goes incognito in a small town and doesn't really learn too much of a lesson. The romance is unconvincing. I didn't care whether they ended up together or not. The pseudo drama was silly - why should he care so much about her not wanting to flaunt her wealth.

Nice to watch Andie MacDowell in anything. She has aged gracefully and I think she sings a bit too.

Reviewed by iambrittanychristian 1 / 10

Good Start, Horrible Finish

I love a good old movie full of cheesy moments, and that's exactly what I was looking for in this.

But, in my opinion, this movie is what is wrong with our society. Let me explain...

*Spoiler Alert*

First off, this woman was willing to vault a toy train in a dress at a freaking gala in order for a guy to quadruple a man's donation. And she's scolded for it and her morals are questioned because of it??? Are you freaking kidding me??? Gtfo. If I vault anything in a dress to quadruple a freaking donation, someone better be THANKING me, if anything. But if that's all there was, there wouldn't have been much of a plot so....

Cue the trip to the small town. She's dating this a**hole of a guy. Extremely gorgeous, but a complete a**. He has to stay home because...reasons. She must go to this small town alone to learn a lesson about appreciating what truly matters in life. She meets an amazing guy who is tremendously sweet and kind-hearted. He shows her around town and treats her wonderfully. She begins to do nice things for him as well and starts to truly warm up to the town. You can tell she's starting to catch feelings, but wants to remain loyal to her fiancée.

She's here under the guise of a different name, (Elle London, instead of Ellen Langford) so that she doesn't get special treatment for being an heiress. Makes sense. Her dad wants her to learn a lesson. But when this so-called knockoff 'prince charming' finds out that she has an extra letter at the end of her first name and is really the daughter of the owner of a huge toy business, he freaks out and throws a b*tch fit. Why?? WHYY???? TELL ME SOMEONE PLZ I DO NOT UNDERSTAND???? He looks her up on the internet and sees the media coverage of her VAULTING A TRAIN AT A FREAKING GALA TO RAISE MONEY FOR CHILDREN and decides she's a liar and not the same person she's been to him--which was, btw, a really nice human being. GTFO.

Here's why this is a societal issue: Think of all of the movies, TV Shows, etc. where a well-to-do or famous guy pretends to be someone he's not and then the girl either finds out he's a superstar or millionaire or whatever else. She's thrilled. Ecstatic. Should consider herself lucky to be around him. But when the genders are reversed it's not the same??? Literally, gtfo. The writer of this garbage film has to have been a guy. Because no self-respecting woman would write this trash.

So he throws his b*tch fit and continues to treat her like garbage, as if nothing had ever happened and she was now dirt beneath her feet for doing something to try to make her father happy. She apologizes a few times, still...nothing. He's mad. Why? I still don't f**king know. And then, after she has her happy moment with her uncle and dad and is elected the new CEO of the company, he comes around wanting to dance. Never even an apology. All is forgiven. And she's expected to be so grateful for him forgiving her (for what, exactly???). Just like that. She moved from one a**hole to the next. How wonderful. What a wonderful little Christmas movie.

Reviewed by sihammarte 10 / 10

The romance was subtle & the story was well written

The story was well written. Of course it was low budget. However, the ending was magical. And really well put together. This movie didn't end like every other Christmas romcom,

Regardless, have low expectations as one would do with a typical low budget film. I was kinda impressed

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