Christmas Icetastrophe


Action / Sci-Fi

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Richard Harmon as Tim Ratchet
Victor Webster as Charlie Ratchet
Tiera Skovbye as Marley Crooge
Johannah Newmarch as Krystal Crooge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sealace 2 / 10

One Good Scene, Worst Movie I've Ever Seen

The *only* good thing about this movie was the science lab scene with a rather holiday-enthused astronomer played by the brilliant Jonathon Young. Otherwise, this was the type of movie you only finish because you've already wasted so much time on it you have to keep watching to see JUST HOW BAD IT WILL GET... The story was ridiculous, the other actors were terrible and the special effects were worse than pathetic. I love a good sci-fi movie, but this was just a cheesy thriller with a crappy plot and nothing remotely convincing.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

Seen it all before, and then some

Christmas Icetastrophe is your usual nonsense disaster movie that played on the SyFy Channel. The story is no different to at least half a dozen others that have already been made and shown on that channel, and it merely consists of characters running away from a fast-moving mess of cold air which freezes anything it touches. A meteorite caused the disaster this time around, somewhat unbelievably. The cast is made up of clich├ęd characters, the script is monotonous, and the references to A Christmas Carol are completely pointless. Add in your usual round of awful CGI effects and you have all the ingredients. It really is an unrewarding film.

Reviewed by story_by_corey 2 / 10

If you are fascinated by things being flash frozen, you will like this movie

In a nutshell.....asteroid hits town starting to celebrate Christmas, Santa gets flash frozen, people scream, people flee and good looking lead actor and actress save town just before everyone is flash frozen.

Too bad Mystery Science Theater is not still on TV, because this movie is perfect for it. There is no story line, no character development, no acting of note, no anything other than wall-to-wall things/people being flash frozen. There is not even a point to who is/isn't flash frozen. But trying to find something positive to say, it does have a lot of actors who were in other shows/movies that were much better.

Its just a classically bad sci-fi movie and the kind of movie for people who are into such things.

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