Christmas Evil


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
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Mark Margolis as Man #2
Patricia Richardson as Moss' Mother
Jeffrey DeMunn as Philip Stadling
Raymond J. Barry as Detective Gleason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SashaDarko 9 / 10

The jolliest of them all

This is a very different Christmas movie, especially for its time. While presented as a slasher, it's really more a psychological drama which shows main character's fall into madness (including the episode from his childhood which started it). He's a pretty moronic character as a person, but he's pretty much real and feels like based on a real person, definitely not your typical movie cliche. He's very obsessed with Christmas (even sleeps in a Santa costume), and he has specific moral values which he wants everybody to follow, for that he has a book of "naughty and nice" boys and girls (he literally spies on children in the neighborhood to find out what are they doing). And while he's very angry about people making out and seeking for pornography, there's an episode where he watches his brother doing it and it doesn't look like he's disgusted, quite on the contrary. On one day he just looses it and becomes "Santa", drives and his van delivering presents to children, but also kills some specific people he doesn't like.

The movie is quite memorable and full of Holiday cheer and atmosphere, despite the story. The ending is very surprising and I glad they did it that way, you'd never expect something like this (the cinema magic as it is).

Reviewed by Sam Panico 7 / 10

Ho ho whah

I learned about this movie from John Waters and if there's one thing I know, it's that John Waters has never let me down. He said of the film, "I wish I had kids. I'd make them watch it every year and if they didn't like it, they'd be punished."

Christmas Eve 1947: Harry Stadling (played later in the film Brandon Maggart, who is the father of Fiona Apple) watches his father - dressed as Santa - get sexy with his mother. He gets so upset that he smashes a snowglobe and uses it to slice up his hand.

Fast forward to 1980: Harry wants to be Santa. He sleeps in costume, his home is constant decorated for the holidays, he works in the Jolly Dreams toy factory and keeps a book of who is naughty and who is nice. Of note, the toy factory was owned by the family of producer Edward R. Pressman and were known for making the board games Triominoes and Mastermind.

Harry notices an employee that called in sick is at the bar, even after he had to fill in for the man on the assembly line. He gets so mad that he smashes one of his dollhouse figures and cancels Thanksgiving. There's a bright spot, though, as his boss announces that if they increase production, they can give toys to the kids at a hospital.

Harry realizes that everyone sees him as a loser, so he has a nervous breakdown and becomes Santa. He starts making toys in his basement and steals toys from the factory to give to the hospital. But he also does some insane things - like leave dirt on a bad kid's door. And oh yeah - he murders a bunch of young adults who make fun of his costume, an act which his co-workers witness.

Harry goes full nutzoid, destroying his nephews gifts and replacing them with toys he's made and killing a co-worker and leaving more toys behind.He attends the company Christmas party and dances to an increasingly faster an more frenetic version of "Here Comes Santa Claus" before threatening to put people in his bad book.

Then, Harry activates the assembly line and makes more toys before getting his van stuck in the mud. He escapes a mob who recognizes him as a killer before making it to his brother's house. A battle ensues between the two, but Harry escapes and he's forced to drive his van off the bridge by the mob. But in his mind, the van flies off like Santa' sled to the words of "The Night Before Christmas."

Obviously, this is not the movie to share with the kids. But if you're an adult who has had it up to here with the holidays, by all means, this is the tonic you're seeking.

Reviewed by capone666 6 / 10

The Vidiot Reviews...

Christmas Evil

Santa Claus tells burglars that home invasion is okay so long as you bring a gift.

Regrettably, the only gift the malefactor in this horror movie bares is a swinging axe.

Toymaker Harry (Brandon Maggart) takes his job so seriously he believes he's destined to be Kris Kringle. Wearing the red and white costume and compiling a nice/naughty list of his neighbours, Harry dispenses his brand of Christmas justice upon them.

While some get gifts from him, others - like his shiftless coworker (Joe Jamrog) or mouthy hipsters – get a taste of Harry's hatchet.

Originally titled: You Better Watch Out, this B-Movie from 1980 set the standard for the seasonal slashers that started appearing shortly after its release. Cheesy, but tinged with social commentary, this Christmas story straddles the line between goodwill and pure evil.

Still, the creepiest thing about Santa remains his fixation with having children sit on him.

Yellow Light

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