Chris Rock: Tamborine



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonmccann 1 / 10


How do you resolve the issue of race relations...I know, lets turn it on its head and attack, which is what Chris Rock does in this show. "Let's shoot more white children"...Not People, Children! Hmm I get controversy, but that is usually associated with a degree of human understanding, this is just inflammatory.

Oh, and just a question...Has Chris Rock had surgery on his face?! For attention?! Hmm, that would make the rest of the results of this show more apparent!

This is another show about how bad white males are against anyone else... We beat, we abuse, we slander, we....well we do it all, except not all of us do, yet if I were to use this same theory regarding a black person, I would be a racist...Maybe I am just a dumb stupid re....Hang on, isn't that how this all started?!

Give it a miss, unless you like being slated as a white man for well just being white! (GO FIGURE!).

Reviewed by ezgames 1 / 10

Not good on any level.

I love stand up comedy and I'm willing to give any comic a huge chance to win me over. Unfortunately, Chris Rock was so boring. I'm terrible at predicting jokes and so many punchlines were obvious and stale. I actually couldn't believe a comic god like Chris Rock would have such dull and standard punchlines.

The worst part of the special is the racism. I don't mind if it would be interesting and a new take on racism, but it was the played out: "I'm black so I can make fun of white people all day with no repercussions." How original...

I would not recommend this special to anyone.

(P.S. I am only harsh here because I love comedy and I want to give my honest opinion. I really didn't want to dislike this special.)

Reviewed by jamiesbeck 1 / 10

Horribly Pathetic

I cannot believe netflix put this up. I would have shelved it. the first half is nothing about how he wishes cops killed more white children. the entire act is the old boring pathetic white vs black. he's part of the problem. go back home.

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