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Harvey Keitel as Sonson
Luke Mably as Sonson
Ana Ularu as Judith
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Reviewed by chrissc-33656 1 / 10

Don't waste your time

This will contain spoilers

I have never written a review on here before but this film seriously prompted me to do so

Whilst I wouldn't claim I am a historian, I am fascinated by the world wars and surrounding time periods. And so even I can tell when there are errors like ak47s in at least one shot and other weapons that were not factually correct as well, also there were no id checks anywhere and he could somehow just walk up to a high ranking German soldier and give him a made up name with basically no proof and he would listen to his commands without question. also who could miss the fantastic acting? Switching from accents and languages but in reality just speaking in an American accent was painful. I don't know what they were thinking when in the middle of sentences the "actor" would switch from a frankly pathetic German accent to screaming very basic German, and the Hungarians that spoke with American accents or quite racist/comedic sounding portrayals of there chosen accent, the scene where he is trying to speak in a German accent In front of the mirror was just terrible. That added nothing to the film other than some awkwardness and wack acting where it looked as it'd he was trying not to laugh

The continuity errors were huge. Scenes where people are holding one weapon that miraculously swaps and swaps back again was impressive they must have been working on some kinda magical shape changing guns.

Also the fight scene was terrible. By 2016 when this film was made surely someone must have realised that watching someone hip firing a bolt action rifle without pulling the bolt and getting perfect heart shots is bull. And as mentioned in another review surviving basically uninjured when a bag full of multiple grenades exploded about 30cm from his head. And the stunning performance of injured or dead soldiers having time to be shot stop running grab the area then comically fall clutching there chest. i could go on and on about the fight scene alone but I shall leave it Safe to say I recommend you don't waste your time

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 9 / 10

Make every bullet count

PLOT SPOILER (?) REVIEW The film is based on a true story. Pappy (Harvey Keital) tells his grandson Max (Julian Shatkin) the story of a true hero for his school 1,000 word essay. He did not tell him it was his autobiography and the kid didn't take notes.

This is a flashback story of Sonson (Luke Mably), an Hungarian Jewish lawyer who in 1943 had the job of making big stones into small ones. After the German occupation, his wife (Diana Cavallioti) dies because Jews were not allowed medicine, making his life of neutrality difficult. His sister-in-law Judith (Ana Ularu) is placed on a train and sent to Poland. Vowing to rescue her (she was actually doing fine on her own) Sonson walks to Poland, dresses up as an SS general and leads an underground rebellion.

Sonson was a dry reluctant hero who was void of character and voice for much of the film, showing how true heroes are humble and "just a man." Harvey Keital, the headliner has a small role as the story teller. Luke Mably was on the screen for most of the film.

Guide: No swearing or nudity. Clothed rape scene.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

nothing here

In modern times, an old man (Harvey Keitel) tells a young boy about his life during the war. It's 1943 Hungary. Sonson (Luke Mably) suffers as forced labor for the Nazis. They are hounded by the Hungarian police as the Nazis and their collaborators deport the Jews. Sonson joins a rebellion against the occupiers.

There is a scattered narrative flow with nothing new going on in this movie. It's a mistake to show Sonson as an old man which guarantees his survival through the entire ordeal. Mably doesn't have the greatest charisma and the movie doesn't give his character much substance. No other character has any substance at all. This has no tension despite the movie trying to ramp up the melodrama with the music cues at the wrong times. At most other times, this is quietly dull without the needed tension. It's also not the highest of production value. The directing is weak. It's functional at best but not much more.

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