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Reviewed by steveo122 10 / 10

The pinnicle of 50 years of Disney nature...

The best, most entertaining and engaging Disney animal documentary I've seen. As a story, as an anthropomorphic fantasy, the Disney people did a remarkable job of editing to make it feel like a scripted piece played out by great actors. In fact, the rival chimps in the movie, the 'bad guys', look like a gang of thugs right out of central casting. It is a very funny movie with the humor supplied by the chimps themselves and the narration by Tim Allen. There is nothing egregiously saccharine until the closing song over the credits, when clips of the movie crew are shown. It is an extremely heartwarming movie with a big chunk of heartbreak in the middle. (Bambi's Mom is always going to die.) It also has satisfying comedy and drama of a level that beats most of what I have seen lately.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10

"...survival is all that matters".

Exceptional cinematography of chimpanzees in their natural element is the principal draw for this documentary styled film. All throughout however I felt the story line was manufactured and didn't find it all that credible. I didn't realize it was Tim Allen narrating until I read about it here; his low key manner didn't quite click with this viewer, and in hindsight, the scenes of chimps using 'tools' to crack nut shells might have been better handled by his 'Home Improvement' partner Richard Karn. There were a couple instances that I thought might not be appropriate for young kids, the death of Oscar's mother was handled well enough but some youngsters might not take the news too favorably. The chimps hunting monkeys for food was another, that was a new one on me. I never would have guessed chimpanzees could be meat eaters so you learn something new everyday, though I can't say I'm the better for it now that I know. I haven't seen that many wildlife documentaries to make a comparison, this one was okay as far as it goes, but it didn't have me going 'Wow'.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 10 / 10

One of Disney Nature's Best.

Chimpanzee (2012): Dir: Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield / Narrator: Tim Allen: The best Disney Nature documentary since Earth, and presents an opportunity to highlight wildlife that is threatened due to poaching and habitat loss. It begins with stunning shots of African jungle including heavy fog blanketing the trees in the morning. It regards a clan of thirty plus chimps but focuses on Oscar, a curious baby chimp who depends on his mother. One of the strength of the film is how viewers can relate to much of what these creatures are dealing with. Oscar observes as his mother uses rocks to crack nuts, but often his attempts lead to some of the film's amusing moments. Another interesting moment arrives when they bend smalls branches to form a bed. Suspense occurs when a band of rival chimps invade, led by Scar. If memory serves correctly, that was the name of one of the lions in African Cats as well. Perhaps it is a popular name amongst wildlife as oppose to Bill, Tim or Satan. Oscar's mother becomes injured during one of these raids and they become separated. This leads to Oscar's mother becoming fast food to a leopard. Oscar is pretty much rejected from other female chimps but finds refuge in the most unlikely place. The leader, Freddy adopts him. With this responsibility he also must be watchful of Scar. That isn't all roses either since Scar is under threat by rivals who wish to replace him as leader as well as the ever looming presence of leopards. The jungle photography is stunning and backs up a message of motherhood, bonding, friendship, and companionship in the unlikeliest places. Score: 10 / 10

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