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Reviewed by stewartpauld 10 / 10

Remarkable story and filming

I work as a wildlife cameraman - but (sadly) was not involved in this film. When I watched it I realised a new bench mark has been set for these wildlife feature movies. Anyone who has worked in West Africa will agree it is one of the toughest habitats to film in - and chimps can be one of the hardest animals to follow. With that in mind, the achievement of getting a unique true story like this - one that brings us so close to the animals in every way - is quite remarkable. I don't want to put in spoilers, but the story is heartwarming and the characters so strong that you could almost believe this was animated - but it is much better than that. This is true life. A beautiful movie!

Reviewed by David Traversa 9 / 10

A familiar story interpreted by some close relatives of us.

The most striking feature I noticed while watching this film was the resemblance of these creatures to my neighbors. It's incredible how similar to us they are!

Granted, Doña Carmen and Don José don't go as far as to deflea each other while carrying on a casual conversation on a sidewalk, but the similarities in body gestures and specially when persistently looking at the camera lens (it happened several times, whether intentionally or not) and we could see overwhelmingly human eyes looking at us, can be quite disturbing.

Impeccable photography with so many close ups that one wonders constantly at how they had managed to take those shots without disturbing the animals. I'm sure Disney has the most sophisticated equipment in the World in order to present such splendipherous depth of lenses and superb sharpness all the time, even from long distances, but even so, chimpanzees have a very sensitive sense of smell and I'm sure they could detect human presence from afar, but apparently it left them unconcerned and they proceeded naturally with their daily chores.

The forest, breathtaking, specially from the air, and the lushness of all that green carpet we see below seems to go forever on behind those far away mountains; when the camera goes down to ground level it's disconcerting to notice how very little sunlight reaches these animals.

Since it was a Disney film, obviously thought out for children, the notorious lack of restrain among monkeys and chimps when it comes to bodily functions, including everything related to sex, which is so habitual to see in zoos in broad daylight, here there is no trace whatsoever of it, like in those old Doris Day films, where everything was squeaky clean.

A good film for Eco-friendly fans.

P.S.: I gave it a 9 because of the titanic efforts of the whole crew and the tenacity they put into the project, working under such harsh and probably dangerous conditions.

Reviewed by steveo122 10 / 10

The pinnicle of 50 years of Disney nature...

The best, most entertaining and engaging Disney animal documentary I've seen. As a story, as an anthropomorphic fantasy, the Disney people did a remarkable job of editing to make it feel like a scripted piece played out by great actors. In fact, the rival chimps in the movie, the 'bad guys', look like a gang of thugs right out of central casting. It is a very funny movie with the humor supplied by the chimps themselves and the narration by Tim Allen. There is nothing egregiously saccharine until the closing song over the credits, when clips of the movie crew are shown. It is an extremely heartwarming movie with a big chunk of heartbreak in the middle. (Bambi's Mom is always going to die.) It also has satisfying comedy and drama of a level that beats most of what I have seen lately.

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