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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tilcia 2 / 10

It's Just Odd and Not Very Good

I have to say as a huge horror buff - this was absolute gutter trash. I kept asking myself where is the gore, the blood, the fear/horror factor.

The main music reminded me of rave techno music and I felt I needed to be in a club with glowing objects in my mouth.

I will say SOME of the actors were good - like the guy off Melrose Place - Thomas Calabro and the gal from Hellraiser - Ashley Laurence. But overall, I would not go out of my way to recommend to someone to see this, unless they were looking for something silly and cheesy to watch. OR they really didn't like horror because they scared easily, this would be a recommendation to see - as there is nothing scary, nothing gory or horrific about it.

Reviewed by matches81 4 / 10

Not really bad, just not good

This film left me confused. The story's not bad in itself, reminded me a bit of Re-Animator, but that's not a bad thing at all. Also, the acting was better than I expected for most parts. Some of the characters behave really really odd though, especially the detective guy. That is THE most irrational cop (or character overall) I've ever seen in a film, and this time it's a bad thing. Most of the dialogs are pretty annoying, too: Most of the time you only see the face of one character filling the screen saying his line, then the next character filling the screen saying his line. It's surprising how rarely you actually see the two or more characters taking part in the dialog in one shot. That made the dialogs really stale and sometimes painful to watch. The overall editing wasn't too bad, with some exceptions where a cut left me totally clueless what's going on. I also got the feeling that some important things were left out. This movie's budget must have been incredibly small. The special FX that are used in the ending of the movie would have been a shame in the early 80s, now they're not even funny anymore. The rest of the effects (make-up effects) aren't bad. So the only scene where the effects are really awful is at the very end of the movie. One thing that was bad throughout the movie was the music: I mean, yeah, eerie is one quality music in a horror movie should have... sometimes. But the music should fit the movie, not just be eerie all the time, even when the "eerie" moment is long gone. The only exception here to eerie music is no music. Most sound effects sound out of place, too.

This comment probably sounds worse than the movie actually is. It's not that bad and if you've got nothing better to do and nothing else to watch you might watch this, but if you're not used to low budget films you might have a tough time watching it to the end.

Reviewed by Poe-17 3 / 10

The Lovecraft Syndrome ... Again!

The works of Howard Phillip Lovecraft continue to thwart film makers. His tales, written in the early 1900's are, invariably, updated to present day and forced to mix with today's fads, trends and "movie absorbing mind set". For the most part, they don't work, like this shot at the trophy. Anything by good Ol' H.P. should be a period piece like Jackson's "King Kong"...unless you are extremely brilliant. The makers of "Chill", while sincere, failed to create the magic to move "Cool Air" (which this movie is based upon) from short-story written in 1926 to a contemporary story. No fault, no foul ... a near impossible thing to do. Lovecraft excruciatingly cultivated sinister and dark atmosphere with climactic punctuations of visual action, almost the opposite of current films that are visually heavy to create the deep and dark unease (something they seldom do because ... perhaps ... they are running a formula in reverse?) ... Dan O'Bannon nearly nailed it with "The Resurrected" from Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward". Unfortunately, this attempt to bring "Cool Air" to the screen is a lousy shot at a Lovecraft adaptation and can't stand on its own as a horror film. Kudos for the effort but ... way big miss.

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