Child's Play 3


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller / War

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Brad Dourif as Chucky
Perrey Reeves as De Silva
Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay
Andrew Robinson as Sergeant Botnick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Darth-Helmet 7 / 10

A decent entry in the franchise and the last one worth a damn!

In 1998, 8 years after the events of the last film and after years of negative publicity about the Good Guy Dolls that involved the Chucky case with Andy Barclay, the factor has been doing strong over the years with other products and before the incident their good guy dolls were the hottest selling toys on the market that outsold their other toys. CEO Mr Sullivan (Peter Haskell) decides to get rid of the memory of Andy Barclay and his killer Good Guy Doll story to bring back the Good Guy doll on the market for the 90s at his company, thus it's reopened and he receives a Good Guy doll that is actually Chucky brought back to life as now the little terror discovers that Andy is at a military school. Andy (Justin Whalin) is 16 years old as he wants to get on with his life to forget those "fantasies of killer dolls" as his mother is still in psychiatric care even fail to cope to live in foster homes and the place is ran by Colonel Cochran (Dakin Matthews) who is in charge of the place. He befriends new friends like Tyler (Jeremy Slyvers), Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson) and Kirstin Desilla (Perrey Reeves) whom he develops romantic feelings for. Chucky has used the company's computer records to find where Andy is at and sends himself to Kent Military School, yet meets Tyler as Chucky finds out he has a new body and hasn't told anyone his secret and makes friends with Tyler as he wants to use him for a vessel to take over his soul. Andy must hunt down the little killer from taking over the boy's body.

A weak sequel to the first 2 movies and considered inferior to the second movie but very enjoyable and the last truly good Chucky movie worth a damn. After the success of Child's Play 2, Universal green-lighted a third movie and was rushed into production for a summer of 1991 release and Don Mancini wrote the script in a week. Jack Bender who did TV movies made a theatrical release here and his direction is fairly OK at best and Mancini's writing is OK but has some good lines like when Chucky says "Don't F with the chuck" or "Presto Your Dead" when he murders the barber. Andrew Robinson from Hellraiser/Dirty Harry co-stars in this one as Sgt. Botnik and Travis Fine as Lt. Shelton as this sequel is not as bad as some people made out to be. But for me personally i think it's the last Child's Play movie worth a damn before it went all down hill no thanks to Mancini. The film did became notorious in the UK for 2 murders it "supposedly" spawned like the murder of 3 year old James Buldger back in 1993 by two 11 year olds whom the Tabloids blamed this movie on the murder but neither saw the film before the murder and saw it only afterwards. There was also the Suzanne Capper case which 2/3 were involved by demented killers who tortured her listening to recordings of "Hi i'm chucky wanna play" before burning her alive and killing her. That's awful what happened but you can't blame the movies for those insane psychopaths who committed such horrible murders, like Scream says "Movies don't make psychos".

The puppetry/animatronics by Kevin Yagher feels a step down from the previous film and is OK at best yet the gore effects are quite good especially when Chucky gets half his face sliced off to look like Pizza with no cheese to the death of the barber. Originally Jonathan Brandis was suppose to play teen Andy yet the role won to Justin Whalin who did a good job playing the character well. There is a fun climax set in a theme park which is quite thrilling i gotta say.

Reviewed by gwnightscream 6 / 10

Be Prepared For Chucky!

This 1991 horror sequel stars Justin Whalin, Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers and Brad Dourif. This outing picks up nearly 10 years later where Andy Barclay (Whalin) is now a teen and sent to a military school. After the "Good Guy" factory decides to reopen, Chucky is resurrected again and catches up with Andy. Chucky decides to try and possess young cadet, Tyler (Sylvers) instead and Andy must once again foil his plan. Reeves plays cadet, De Silva who Andy finds romance with and Dourif returns as the voice of Chucky and is great as usual. This isn't a bad sequel, but I think the series went downhill after. I recommend this.

Reviewed by swilliky 4 / 10

A step down to end the Child's Play trilogy

The Child's Play trilogy tops out with a new setting and an old er protagonist. After the events of the first two films, the toy company that produces the Good Guy doll is trying to make a financial recovery and they can't do that without their best selling product, despite the terrible press. The same plastic that consisted of Chucky was melted down and used to make the new dolls. Chucky (Brad Dourif) wakes up in the highrise apartment of the toy company executive Sullivan (Peter Haskell) and uses the surrounding toys including marble and a yo-yo to trip and strangle the old man. Chucky looks up the whereabouts of his one ticket out of being a doll, Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin). Andy has been shipped out to military school where he is roommates with a nerd Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson) and is bullied by the drill leader Shelton (Travis Fine).

Chucky sends himself in a package to the school where he is intercepted from delivery by a young boy Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers). Chucky tries to take the boys soul but the ceremony is interrupted by Colonel Cochrane (Dakin Matthews) who throws the doll away. Chucky smashes the garbage man in the dumpster and sneaks into Andy's room. Andy tries to smash Chucky but Shelton walks in and takes the doll back to his room. Andy sneaks into Shelton's room that night to find Chucky but the doll is missing along with a knife. Shelton exacts punishment on all the cadets making Andy a pariah. Tyler plays hide-and-seek with the knife-wielding Chucky but they are discovered by De Silva (Perrey Reeves) and her friend. They put lipstick on Chucky which enrages the demented children's toy.

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