Child's Play


Action / Crime / Family / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 71595


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Brad Dourif as Charles Lee Ray / Chucky
Chris Sarandon as Mike Norris
Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay
Dinah Manoff as Maggie Peterson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andymcgraw-95291 8 / 10

Doll brought to life

Near death, a serial killer recites a spell, transferring his soul into a doll. A widowed mother gives the doll to her son as a gift. On his own, the doll, Chucky, ends up killing several people. The police don't believe their story: it was Chucky who keeps killing these people! The serial killer eventually decides he wants to transfer his soul into Andy's body. Now he must be stopped! Find out how they kill him once and for all. Oh, and Chucky has the strength of a man even though he is a child's doll.

Reviewed by jerralagbayani 7 / 10

The Wisecracking Doll in his first movie is actually not that bad...

THIS REVIEW IS SORT OF A PARENTS GUIDE ALSO I've only seen Curse of Chucky until recently. If you thought Curse of Chucky was good wait until you see the first film(just so you know Curse of Chucky streams on Netflix so it's more likely people have seen that film more than the first film). To be honest this movie was slow like the Candyman but grew faster starting on the first death. I believe this movie can be a 14+ movie with some just some offensive language used like W###e, B###h, and F##k throughout the film. The film isn't actually as gory as I thought it would be and the deaths were fairly spread apart throughout the film. Probably about a handful of people die and the film had a happy ending, somewhat.

Reviewed by Dalbert Pringle 6 / 10

And To Think That This All Happened In Hackensack, N.J.

Favourite Movie Quote: "Hidey-Ho!"

Could Child's Play really be a dire message, warning parents about caving into their child's demands, while (at the same time) trying to save themselves a few lousy bucks on the price of a toy?.... I don't know. Maybe it's so.

When it comes to the movies (and, yes, the genre of horror, in particular), it sure seems to me that there's definitely nothing new under the sun.

A doll (or dummy) taking on a life of its own and then committing unspeakable acts of mayhem and murder goes all the way back to 1945 with Dead Of Night. In this first-rate, supernatural Thriller, Hugo, a ventriloquist's dummy, starts giving its owner/operator some pretty tall orders, which inevitably leads to some mighty deadly business before the show is over.

Anyway - As horror movies, in general, go, Child's Play's two assets (the things that kept it from sinking down into the "fright flick" dregs) were its devilishly clever manipulations of the "Chucky" doll, and its overall snarky and, often times, wicked sense of humour.

All-in-all (in spite of its obvious flaws) - Child's Play was a fairly fun horror flick that actually managed to pack a considerable-sized wallop and even score itself some genuine points (in my books) for, at least, trying to be original.

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