Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
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Stacy Keach as Doc Michaels
Nancy Allen as Rachel
John Franklin as Isaac
Paul Popowich as Gabriel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 2 / 10

It didn't get better

I guess you'll have to forgive me for not having seen all of the movies in this series. I still saw most, but I might get some details wrong about how I'm confused about this movie. First of all, it reveals that Isaac has been in a coma or something since the first movie. I believe in the first movie he died and then came back as a zombie or something and the story with him just ended right there. Was there something in Parts 4 and 5 I missed? I would watch him, but I think these movies are stupid and am not going to waste my time with all of them.

The fact that I'm doing most of them is good enough. I admit that it was interesting to learn about Isaac returning. He was literally the only character that I knew of that appeared in more than one of these movies. I remember his hammy acting from the first film and how it was entertaining to see that. It made the first film at least not as bad as the sequels. Here, Isaac is pretty boring and really not even that important to the story.

This movie features the talk of a prophecy of a girl who needs to make more children of the corn with Isaac's son. I don't know how or when Isaac had a son. Are there even any children in this? Well, there is this one scene with a bunch of kids but they never show up again. The guy who played Isaac actually suffered from a disease that stopped him from growing as he was 25 in the first movie! This movie has no point and is just another entry in this purposeless series. *

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10

A decent if not entirely spectacular entry

Plagued by disturbing nightmares, a young woman returns to her hometown in Gatlin, Nebraska and learns that the town are all disciples of a fanatical cult leader behind her visions that have been intended to get her to fulfill a prophecy and tries to stop it from happening.

There was some good stuff to this one when it tried to. One of it's best features is the fact that there's a couple well-designed action scenes spread throughout that make for a rather entertaining element. The car chase is the most impressive, as the monster truck chasing them allows for some nice visuals coming out over the corn- rows and the cramped location make for a thrilling, exciting encounter. Others throughout the film, from the hotel confrontations and the resurrection in the hospital, make for some nice times here, though where the film gets the best action scenes are contained in the final half-hour. There's a great ritualistic ceremony that plays out from the set-up to the actions portrayed and the chase through the cornfields with the night-time setting being a big factor as well as the flowing water, the motorcycles brought in and the incessant laughter heard in the background of the whole sequence. The extended nature of it allows for plenty of running-and-hiding which makes it feel more tense than it should, and it kick-starts the second half rather nicely. Also found in the finale is the best part, the action-packed finish that has a lot going for it and definitely gets in some really great parts to it, from the revelation that comes as a total surprise to the brawling that occurs and much more, really gets a lot of points for it. The last plus to the film is the blood and gore, which are all combined together into the film's good parts. There wasn't a whole lot of flaws, but there was a couple big areas that don't work. One of the main ones is that the film just doesn't have a whole lot going on for it in the early goings. The fact that it's mostly a mystery as to what the source behind the strange visions are is the main reason as it has to build them up and then make them threatening and worthy of an investigation then have a rational outcome that plays into the rest of the film which it fails at doing. The mystery here almost feels like a back-story during the segment it's supposed to be the main focus as it spends most of the time intermingling the search with the townspeople meet-and-greet which makes the beginning play out really slowly and not that interesting. There's also the matter of the film's biggest problem in that so many of the scenes intended to be scary just fall flat. The segments wandering around in a deserted hallway in the hospital are prime choices but instead just show her walking forever through an empty place before someone jumps out at her and the amount of time wasted here is pretty big. The last flaw here is the fact that the film doesn't really tend to show the cult as something dangerous, which was always done in the past. Here, it barely even matters since the second half is all about the reformed relationship with the cult around the edges to provide an obstacle to overcome, barely making a dent that the others had successfully done well. This isn't as noticeable as the others and can be overlooked quite easily.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and a shadowy, mild sex scene

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 3 / 10

They Blew A Golden Opportunity

Okay - Isaac died in the first film? NO! If you remember he came back from death in a supernatural way to kill Malachi - because "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" wants Malachi. (This makes Isaac one of the Undead I would guess). Apparently not long after that, Isaac ended up in 19 year coma somehow and that is where we begin our story with "Isaac's Return". What is aggravating? The totally blew a golden opportunity to make this film (almost) as good as the first film with the idea behind Isaac returning. This film is a total waste of a great idea.

Yes this film is bad. The ONLY thing good about it is Isaac - that's it! The rest of the film is crap. What is really dumb to me? "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" killing Isaac in the end - that just blows.

And the idea of Hannah Montana being the only one to save them from Isaac throughout the film (until the ending) really stinks. And this dumb teenage kid being "HE" or "Thee" is totally dumb - NOT what "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" is at all! Isaac DID the bidding of "He" in the first film and there is NO reason for "HE" to be mad at Isaac at all.

What is wrong with writers today? Are they not thinkers too? 3/10

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