Child 44


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 52948


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Tom Hardy as Leo Demidov
Joel Kinnaman as Vasili
Noomi Rapace as Raisa Demidov
Vincent Cassel as Major Kuzmin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matttrose 10 / 10

Do a great film justice & pay to watch it!

Excellent, excellent film. How "Furious 7" received such great reviews and this film did not is beyond me. Definitely pay to watch it. Do a great film justice and don't let it die with Furious pissing on its grave.

44 Child makes you actually feel as if you were transported back to soviet Russia and gives you the feeling of helpless in an unjust government. It was banned from Russia for a reason. Tom Hardy gives an excellent performance and you find yourself feeling sympathy yet cheering for the success of this man who appears emotionless towards acts of monstrous brutalities and a moral compass.

Reviewed by dandbone 8 / 10

Old school movie

Old school cinema is a lot like classical painting. Not too much abstraction, just life as it is. For people born in our times it's hard to understand the Nazi Germany or the Stalinist Soviet Union. It was a time when a country's leaders contemplated genocide the same way accountants today contemplate massive layoffs.

The movie is about the adventures of a war hero who finds that searching for the truth about the murder of a child happens not only to contradict what was politically correct for the communists but also to put his and his wife's life in danger. I'm not going to detail much the story, because it's one of the best parts of the movie. It also has a lot of action and shooting, as one would expect from an American movie.

There is also proper character development for people looking for that, as the main characters change and become other people at the end of the adventure. And it's a very dark adventure with many cliffhangers, shot in very dark colors as one would expect in a Soviet Union seen through American eyes. In contrast, the very few Soviet movies I watched seemed much happier and brighter.

There is an interesting message the movie seems to send. It says that it is people's duty to do good despite idiot politicians and it can be done either at great personal danger by contradicting the propaganda, or much easier by being creative and finding a way to dress nicely the offending initiative. This is what in capitalism is called good salesmanship.

Reviewed by CousinBagunca 9 / 10

Awesome drama thriller.

This movie is great. An excelent drama thriller with some investigation elements. It makes you care about the main characters and despise the whole time period and location they live in. You're always rooting for them and thrilled until the very end.

Minor complaints are pretty much pet peeves of mine. For example, I'm not sure about the criminal's intentions. I think it was left way to open or I didn't even get it at all.

Great movie.

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