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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wth-60179 8 / 10


Chicken Run I have always enjoyed Claymation films and this movie is no exception. I appreciate the time and effort it took to make every scene of this movie. You must give the creators and artists credit for the love they must have had for this movie to be able to create this. One thing that I loved about this movie was how well sound was used. The sounds gave a very realistic feel to the film when in actuality it was a cartoon with a pretty unrealistic premise. I also thought the voice acting was very good and fit in well with the Claymation characters. This provided a good flow to the film. One thing that was very prominent in the film was cutting for continuity. One example of this is when Mr. Tweedy was building the pie machine. The film would cut to different parts of him building and repairing it to show the passage of time without taking time from the story that could be used elsewhere. I enjoyed the premise of the story too. It is very original and when it came out it had not been used very often. When I first watched this film when I was very young enjoyed its comedic elements and fast paced story. Watching it no, as an adult, I enjoy the humor of the jokes and many of the dramatic aspects that I did not quite pick up on as a child. I found that the fast paced story was very easy to follow but and kept the audience entertained, but it was not too fast as to feel rushed and incomplete. Chicken Run had a very Classical Paradigm in that its structure was very simple. This structure is very common in fiction movies and this is prime example. The story follows from the intro and introducing the film through the plot and finally to the climax and closing. One of my favorite scenes was when Rocky was in the pie making machine. In this scene a lot is going on. There is so much motion going on that you would think that you would become distracted and lose focus on the point but because of how it was filmed your eye is always drawn to Rocky and what he is doing. The story of this film may also be paralleled to the concentration camps of World War 2. The chickens representing the Jews and other captives and the Tweedys representing the Nazi's. As the chickens realize that the end is near they must find a way to escape from their oppressors. I believe that what the chickens felt during this film can be paralleled with the feelings of many of those who perished in the camps.

Reviewed by evankennedyspaien 8 / 10

Chicken Run is an interesting tale with many elements

The film Chicken Run is a masterpiece of claymation and comedy that provokes emotion and thought. While one would typically assume a light hearted movie about chickens defeating a deluded man who has little control over his life and a mean woman obsessed with profits would have little plot or thought points it is an interesting piece that alludes to world war two and american propaganda. As the story progresses the characters are fleshed out and shown to be a diverse group of individuals that are placed in a hostile concentration camp like world. Where every day is a fight to maintain the morale and hope of others to succeed in a place where only oppression lies.

As the movie develops the viewer understands more and more the hope emotions of these clay chickens attempting to alter their way of life to one that is free of the oppressive regime given to them. With the addition of the American Hero, Rocky we start to see the propagandist type of actions in this film. While the American Hero ideal is disproved the character is still shown to have heart and the ability to save the people demonstrating a satirical view of American ideals and values but still showing how they are able to help others and move past themselves when it is most valuable to others.

On the happier side of this story the characters are unique and fleshed out giving an interesting perspective into each character and how oppression affects the mind. For some people they can't understand how other humans or sentient beings in this case can be so negative and mentally either deny or snap as in the case of the propetuarilly knitting character, Babs. In others it instills the want to escape and take leadership of the rag tag groups of individuals that are all stuck together in this position to attempt to encourage both themselves from the depressing normal fate of this type of society. Some just take what they are given and decide this is what life is meant to be and that they are there for a reason and shouldn't bother to escape or go against their masters. Finally there are those that utilize fear and hope to manipulate others for personal gain as the rats and Rocky initially does. Overall the characters generate an interesting cast filled with psychologically unique and accurate characters while maintaining a humours facade of jokes and non human violence that allows this movie to be able to be enjoyed by both adults and children on different levels of analysis.

In addition to the contents of this movie it was shot extremely well and the attention to detail in this piece drew one in to be able to enjoy this movie. As a story it fulfilled the classic paradigm of a very clear antagonist and protagonist highlighted by color schemes and camera angle to portray these clay creations as realistic and either positive or negative beings. In addition to character development and placement each sequence was filled with motion and thought as the chickens altered from dynamic beings filled with personality to average chickens in an attempt to deceive their masters.

Overall I enjoyed this movie immensely, it gave many possibilities for analysis and for simple enjoyment. As a movie I found that it fulfilled my want to enjoy a nice movie and laugh at the antics of these chickens and the failing plans of the dominating villains but also be able to see into the world if them and enjoy the thought provoking story of people attempting to hide the secrets of their escape from their dominating masters in a analogy to nazism. This paradigm allows for many different consumers to enjoy this movie.

Reviewed by dwr-57172 10 / 10

A Blast to Watch

Outside of being the first full Claymation feature film, Chicken Run doesn't necessarily make of their characters or plot points particularly unique or innovative compared to other fiction movies. From a vague viewpoint, it keeps things pretty standard. However, everything the movie does it does well.

The movie starts with making the main conflict clear: the chickens want to escape; the farmers don't want them to escape. From the beginning, the protagonist and antagonist are established. As the film progresses, so does the tension and the complexity of the situation. A deuteragonist is established, the goals of the farmers change, etcetera. It all ends up building to the climax of the film, where they have to make their great escape.

Ginger is the protagonist; she is easily the most competent chicken and she's the one with the most determination to escape. She is selfless and wants freedom as much for the rest of the chickens as she does for herself.

Rocky is a deuteragonist with both protagonist and antagonist qualities - for the majority of the film he is trying to help the chickens on a face level, but in actuality he's lying about all of his accomplishments. Even though he could have escaped anytime he wanted, he didn't until the night before he would have been shown to the rest of the chickens as a phony. This shows that he liked the praise and feeling like he was helping, even if it was all a lie. By the end, he shows that his heart is in the right place by coming back and saving the day.

Mr. and Ms. Tweedy are the antagonists, with Ms. Tweedy playing as the main antagonist and Mr. Tweedy playing as a dumb sidekick. They try and build a machine to make chicken pies, which backfires on them greatly.

The editing in Chicken Run is very well done. The edits are seamless and there are many different perspectives and angles that all serve good purposes. Like most good editing goes, it's great because it keeps your attention focused by using various subtle techniques.

The script is well written. It blends humor with drama and adventure, and makes a prison break movie starring clay chickens something that's fun to invest your attention into. There is hilarity all throughout the film, whether it be the relationship between Ginger and Rocky, the relationship between Mr. and Ms. Tweedy, the entire existence of Babs, the visual references (Babs knitting a noose comes to mind), or the climax of the film, Chicken Run will keep you laughing throughout. Additionally, as the movie progresses you become legitimately attached to the characters. I found myself rooting for the main characters in this Claymation chicken film more than I have in many 'standard' movies.

With visual gags, solid humor, great editing and a wonderful Claymation art style, Chicken Run is overall a wonderful film. It does a great job at making the story clear and making the movie easy to follow, and it does an even better job of pulling the viewer in and making them interested in the story and the outcome. The Claymation is very well done, and they did a great job of making scenes that are very difficult to pull off look seamless and natural. Furthermore, they also did a great job of making the main characters noticeable from the rest of the chickens. Ginger wears a beanie, Rocky is a rooster, Babs has a unique hairstyle and is always knitting, etcetera. One could argue that it is a simple film, but I would say that it's not so easy to make a simple movie something truly enjoyable to watch. Chicken Run accomplished this and more, making a movie that is 90 minutes of pure fun.

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