Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers



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Rae Dawn Chong as The Gypsy
Tommy Chong as Lucian Corsican
Cheech Marin as Louis Corsican
Edie McClurg as The Queen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tom Peeters 7 / 10

Pretty dope for stoners

This movies makes no sense at all but it is full of good laughs. I checked it with a friend too lazy to switch YouTube (it's on there for free!) and at the end we were glad we didn't.

I could go on and on about it but I'm just gonna keep writing until I get the minimum of five lines full for this review. The rating here is so low because some hipsters think it's cheap compared to Up In Smoke, I guess but trust me: this movie will bust your nuts. PEACE!

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

mostly unfunny

In modern France, Los Guys (Cheech and Chong) is a rock band playing horribly which forces the locals to pay them to stop. A fortune teller (Rae Dawn Chong) tells them a story about revolutionary France. Louis (Cheech Marin) and Lucian Corsican (Tommy Chong) are twins born to two aristocratic fathers. Their fathers duel and both end up killed. They are raised as peasants and find that they feel the other's pain. Louis is raised in Mexico. He returns and the brothers run afoul of The Evil Fuckaire. Fuckaire tries to execute the brothers but they end up escaping while the princesses fall for them.

This is mostly unfunny. There are a couple of funny jokes but they are not enough. Cheech and Chong work best as dumb and dumber bros. Cheech is able to keep some of his idiocy by making his character Mexican and dealing with societal differences. Chong is playing straight and mostly unfunny. It would be a lot funny with the Los Guys traveling back in time and thereby becoming fish out of water. This writing is simply not good enough.

Reviewed by Joseph P. Ulibas 7 / 10

The sixth and final film (so far) from Cheech & Chong.

Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers (1984) was a re-telling of the famous Alexandre Dumas classic novel. Cheech and Chong new that they had to market their comedy towards a different audience. There hard core fan base wasn't enough to make themselves profitable. Not only did they change their style of humor, they toned it down dramatically. Sadly, no one wanted to see a period piece starring Cheech and Chong. The movie is not horrible but it's not a laugh riot. Not wanting to end the partnership, the duo made another comedy album and a video that went along with it called GET OUT OF MY ROOM. The video was a tad under an hour and it featured the classic comedy song BORN IN EAST L.A. which would become Cheech's stepping stone towards mainstream acceptance.

Recommended for Cheech and Chong fans. Others will want to stay away from it.

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