Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary


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Denzel Washington as John Coltrane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RolyRoly 9 / 10

Tribute to a genius

We live in horribly divisive times. Racially, politically, culturally, economically, Americans have rarely been more divided. Coltrane was a uniting force in America, a man who struggled with his own demons and emerged to deliver a message of hope and redemption - all through the most sublime music -a message that we would do well to remember today.

This film is a wonderful tribute to one of our greatest artists. When most of us were content to bask in his artistry, Coltrane was already 10 miles down the road to some other achievement.

We use the word genius too liberally, but Trane was a genius.

Reviewed by xWRL 10 / 10

Chasing inspiration

As you'd expect, this documentary offers a close-up view of the different phases of the life of John Coltrane through lots of family photos and footage of his performing and through the remembrances of family and friends who loved and understood him.

But what's really special is that the mix of interviews, from Sonny Rawlins to Wynton Marsalis, from Cornel West to Bill Clinton, captures how deeply Coltrane's life and art inspired people who happen to be both famous and highly articulate about how Coltrane affected them.

If you're not familiar with Coltrane's music, this may be the best introduction you'll find. If you are familiar, you're still likely to learn something new, because the documtary carefully traces Coltrane's musical development. But its greatest strength is how movingly people describe their experiences of Coltrane.

Reviewed by micahth 4 / 10

Informative yet shallow

The state of knowledge about jazz is so abysmal that a film like this can simultaneously be informative and shallow. It can tell the non-initiated quite a lot of biographical details, as this film does adeptly with saxophonist John Coltrane, but still not give more than cursory attention to Coltrane's greatest accomplishment, his music.

Despite the inclusion of musicians like Reggie Workman and critics like Ben Ratliff, very little time is spent describing the details of Coltrane's music as it relates to the context of jazz. Sure, Cornel West talks about how the music moves him in his trademark wonderfully loquacious manner and Bill Clinton says the same in the way that he talks, but it was all telling, not showing. The film really did not explain how Coltrane modified bop with denser and faster playing. Or how Coltrane took the, already brilliant, already out there, free jazz work from the likes of Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra and made it his chaotic yet soulful yet violent own.

Perhaps this would have gone over the head of the average viewer, but at least it would have been an attempt to explain what made Coltrane notable.

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