Chasing Ice


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jag999 7 / 10

Nice analysis, but weak on the actual cause

This review had been deleted due to a report of "abuse" by another reader. Typically, there is no argument, just a report to authorities of "abuse", where there is none. Sadly, nowadays, having an opinion that looks at things from a different perspective is reported by the ignorant as abuse. More sadly, those that review the complaint agree with the complainant, again, where there is no "abuse".

Visual depiction, things change. There has been more CO2 in the air in the past, the earth survived. There are natural mechanisms that deal with CO2. What natural mechanism deals with the dumping of tons and tons of barium, aluminum, thorium, cadmium, chromium, and nickel in our skies? If you're interested in thinking outside the CO2 box, check out multiple internet sites related to 'chemtrails' or 'geoengineering' that I'm not allowed to cite here.

Example: "For more than a decade, first the United States and then Canada's citizens have been subjected to a 24/7/365 day aerosol assault over our heads made of a toxic brew of poisonous heavy metals, chemicals, and other dangerous ingredients. None of this was reported by any mainstream media."

Rather, planes (fitted with special nozzles) release aerosols "lines" in the sky that do not evaporate. At first, these lines are thin; but soon they expand and, in a short time, merge together. Our once-blue sky has vanished and has been replaced by a grayish-white toxic haze that blots out and greatly diminishes our usual sunshine.

Reviewed by talisencrw 10 / 10

A documentary everyone on the planet needs to see!

I first saw this at my city's International Film Festival, then later thankfully I was able to watch it with my son, who was 9 at the time, when at a friend's place for one of the big 3 holidays, it was on Netflix. Brilliantly conceived and carried out, over a long stretch of time, by the filmmakers, it led to a fine father-son discussion about the environment, its importance, what is wrong with it and what can be done to improve things on Earth. Its importance is inestimable, and I highly recommend it to everyone. It is something everybody needs to see, think about and actively discuss, regardless of one's personal priorities or political sphere of influence.

Reviewed by DBLurker 9 / 10

Nice visuals..

Look, majority of us writing reviews here will never see full impact of Global Warming. We'll be long dead by the time anything happens to this world and I for one, don't care what happens after I'm dead.

Having grown up in third world, still living there and living in suffering with few moments of joy day by day, I have no intention of NOT enjoying my life (whatever the cost to the environment) to please pretentious westerners who suddenly realizes that they have been destroying earth all this time to become to so called "developed world".

That said, this movie shows you nice visuals. Including large ice-bergs breaking left and right. Very breathtaking visuals. And I found the human element (knee problems) OK as well, it didn't distract me even though, the interviews with wife and daughter were entirely pointless and could've been cut for more footage of the ice itself.

Too bad the movie does jack about actually explaining to the viewer why it's all happening (unless you already know from other sources, like I do). "It's happening cause of Global Warming." is the only thing this movie tells you. And you know what? This is what the guy behind this documentary is hoping. He wants to show the idiots out there ice-melting to basically layman the Global Warming for them. I get it.

But it won't do jack. We'll be dead faster from Islamic terrorism than Global Warming. I am pretty sure religion and wars will be still bigger threat to extinction than melting ice millions of miles away from your home.

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