Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
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Carrie Fisher as Mother Superior
Justin Theroux as Seamus O'Grady
Bruce Willis as William Rose Bailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sherylchilders82 8 / 10

Good for it's time

I was 21 when this movie came out, and I had lots of friends who loved this. Maybe it's because it represents a particular time in my life, but I love this movie. I mean, I watched it again for nostalgia sake, but I'm not going to buy it and watch it over and over or anything. Yes, it is supposed to be stupid and funny, and I don't really think anyone ever thought this was supposed to be a masterpiece. It is an action comedy, with a feminine flair. No, it does not represent the original Charlie's Angels, which I once tried to watch, but couldn't. As a feminist, I obviously can't approve this for today, but even 15 years ago, this was still progress (just like I could never enjoy the original). Here's why young women loved this when it came out: Women are the central characters. It's fun / funny, and despite the stunts being purposefully unrealistic, the actors who play them are legitimate bad asses, if you know anything about them. To young women at the time, this wasn't just a dumb movie - this was a movie led by a cast of strong female actor role models. And, they were doing comedy (before Bridesmaids), when women didn't get the primary comedy roles very much (or action roles for that matter). Yes, it was a caricature of what we might eventually hope for. But, that was better than anything we had at the time. And, you do have to admit that it is genuinely funny at many parts, and it seems like everyone had fun making it. With all that being said, of course this is not a feminist piece. The women are objectified constantly. Yes, they're smart and crafty, but they all still have SOs in their life, either former or current male love interests (plus male on female violence with the ex is depicted quite graphically, even sexualized, which is terrible). And, the fact that the stunts are made to be so unbelievable alone is an insult, implying that women could not actually do impressive physical feats, so they have to exaggerate. I only hope that they at least used some women for stunt doubles, or that there were more female staff than the lead actors.

Reviewed by bensonmum2 4 / 10

"It's raining white women."

The Angels are charged with locating two rings. These aren't, however, any ordinary pair of rings. They contain secret information that, when decrypted, reveal information on everyone in the Federal Witness Protection Program. When witnesses on the list start turning up dead, it's obvious the Angels will have to step up their efforts. But the baddie is someone well known to the Angels - someone who knows the way the Angels work and think. In fact, she was once an Angel herself.

I really got a kick out of the first Charlie's Angels movie. It was dumb, but it was fun. In Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle there's just too much. I'm not sure I've seen this since I originally saw it in the theater, so I forgot how busy it all is. There are too many jokes, there are too many ridiculous situations, there are too many over-the- top fight scenes, there is too much of Cameron Diaz's booty shaking (if that's possible), and there is way, way too much CGI. The first movie took the original Charlie's Angels and turned it up a notch or two. This one rips the knob off. It proves the old adage that too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing.

The highlight of the film for me is the cast. Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore all have a charm to them that's a joy to watch. When the film is just the three of them without the huge special effects, these moments work. Unfortunately, these scenes are too few and far between. Also, I really enjoyed seeing Demi Moore. But then again, I always enjoying seeing Demi Moore.

Unfortunately, there's not much here to recommend. A 4/10 is the best rating I can give Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

Reviewed by OneEightNine Media 5 / 10


Charlie's angels 2 I haven't seen the first one but I'm sure it has to be better than this. This film wears heavy and is a bit too sloppy to be considered a fun flick. Even the action is filmed tediously with a lot of cuts and slo-mo mixed with fast-forward. Whatever. The girls are pretty and I guess in the in that is that matters..........right? Na, not right.

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