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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelant555 5 / 10

Very low budget but still very watchable

I enjoyed this movie and I don't why it has such a low rating. Okay, it's a very low budget offering that won't win any awards for script or effects but it doesn't take itself seriously and it's a fun watch...just don't have your expectations too high. I would watch it again and that says a lot because I do not watch bad films twice. I haven't bothered writing anything about the plot because that's been covered in other reviews and I just wanted to reassure people that most films with a 2.4 rating are probably pretty frustrating and unwatchable but this one isn't. It's actually quite good for a really bad film.

Reviewed by Twojays Molina 2 / 10


The movie is suspiciously titled as Ouija 3 and I thought it was another chapter in that movie series. That wasn't the case. Instead we are given a movie with poor acting performances, bad direction, weak story, and laughable production quality. The editing wasn't that bad and the music was a hit-or-miss at different points. I did however like the makeup job on the clown. Nicely done! Altogether though this movie was not worth my time.

Reviewed by danilodemelo 1 / 10

The film does not appear to be a sequel of the films of the series "Ouija - 2014"

The feature film tells the story of a group of young people who decide spend a night in a house of horrors (who were suffering a crisis and in the attempt to leverage the business, decide to take the pack of the Charlie Charlie Challenge). The film does not appear to be a sequel of the films of the series "Ouija - 2014". In many moments there is a lack of logic for events to occur, leaving the plot very weak. There are no scenes that create an empathy with the characters, placing them as mere pedestrians, thus promoting a sympathy with them. The effects and visual for the spirits do not promote to the spectator a reaction of fear, fright, or even joy.

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